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No, but pic related.

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Would Pelinal slaughter Bretons even though they look like men, as they have a meric worldview?

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/v/ mods confirmed for being Thalmor agents

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Elves are disgusting.
YOU are disgusting.

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Holy fuck Bethesda E3 was fucking NOTHING!
What makes them think announcing Skyrim on Switch would be big news when they already did that last year!?

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>cleric doesn't keep track of his spell slots
>doesn't even have a list of his prepared spells
>I'm literally doing it for him on my own sheet even though I'm a barbarian
>resisting urge to slap him when I have to remind him or ignore it when he cheats without even knowing it
fucking pothead

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Fucking apologists.

>More long lived
>More intelligent
>More skilled
>more in tune with magic
Yeah yeah but you forget their OTHER major defining aspect: They're useless aloof fagots who do nothing but hang around in the woods fucking trees. The thing that prevents them from being OP is that they don't give a fuck about taking over the world. They just want to sit in their forest fuckholes and be OH SO MUCH FUCKING BETTER than you.

Dwarves should totally fucking own the world because they have the best armor and weapons and are hard as shit, but they're too busy hiding in mountains furiously masturbating to geological features.

I'm pretty sure the reason other races hate humans is unlike them, humans aren't happy to just sit in their little cave or tree house for the entirety of recorded history. Must make them seem awfully pushy and greedy, comparatively.

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Tell me, there is something I've been confused about.
What the heck happened to Ebonarm? Where did he go? After Daggerfall every mention of him is missing, gone, or just straight up removed. The only reference to him I know of is maaaaaaaaybe Ebony Warrior from Skyrim, and even then that is wild speculation. Where did the Yokudan God of War go?
Seriously, did the Dragon Break erase him or something?

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Fans took excerpts from The Song of Pelinial such as "killing light", "armor [from the future time]" and " red rage shaped diamond-fashion" to mean that Pelinial is literally a robot created by a far-future scifi culture complete with inbuilt lazer and exoskeleton and reactor.
Which they asked MK about and he confirmed.
But what they REALLY meant the whole time was that Pelinial is technically a golem created by mid-future Divines who had gauntlets and a cuirass and void essence which could probably do extra-cool shit if you knew how but since you don't we'll never know one way or the other but they have enchantments anyway so whatever.
Which MK has yet to comment on.

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Does anyone else just hate the way Elves are done?

They're just better humans. Statwise they don't have any drawbacks, other than one lower max Edge (which unless you're playing an Edgemaster won't matter), and in return they get a leg up in AGI and CHA, both good all-around attributes. They can go low on the priority table, and at any level they have a point or two more Special Attribute than anyone but humans. Tack on low-light vision (which just saves you a couple hundred nuyen putting that into your glass) and they're mechanically a great choice for any role.

In the fluff, they don't have people who hate them other than general racism towards metahumans as a whole, because they are just pretty people and their boosted CHA helps them navigate those waters. The worst that happens is people think that elves are snobs, which has got to be the most milquetoast reason for disliking a race.

Every other meta has to pay with at least one stat of 1/5, dwarves have an additional lifestyle cost and orcs & trolls are widely regarded as stupid, dangerous, and suited only for manual labour and cannon fodder. Elves are just flatly better than humans, unless you really value edge (and if you do, it's easy enough to pick Elf at C instead of Human at D, with the bonus attribute points and maximums making up the difference).

If Elves had shit special attributes, then maybe I could see it going OK, but as it is it feels like whenever we roll up characters it's only because someone really wants to play as a human that they end up human, instead of the tiny optimization that is knife-ears.

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I like them 6 feet under

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Amund and Forpols would probably be friends mostly because they're both like pic related

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>>Runesmiths - Unbalanced, or as good as Wizards?

They are not unbalanced in the slightest.

To make a rune, you need
>A week (Permanent) or 2d10 minutes (Temporary) for a chance to roll your Magic Characteristic, time wasted if you don't make the roll. As far as I can see, the Rune of Speed has the lowest inscription number at 6, which gives them a 50% chance to fuck up that rune, and no Channeling or ingredients to improve their odds. Inscriptions also have to be done with 'extreme care', which suggests working in pretty good conditions.

>An extended test, 20 minutes for a temporary rune and a month for a permanent one, to fix the rune. Again using the Rune of Speed as the easiest rune, the Empowerment number is 3. That means a minimum of 1 hour's work (if you make all your skill tests) to make a temporary rune, and 3 months (!) to make a permanent one.

>No roll, but it takes 1d10 minutes for a temporary rune and 1d10 days for a permanent.

As a GM, I can't see applying any positive modifiers to those tests unless he was actually working in a proper workshop; just trying to set up the tools in camp one night ain't going to cut it (and would the 'tradesman's tools: Runesmith' include an anvil, or is one necessary? All the art of Runesmiths actually working has an anvil). All told, it's over an hour's work (and a significant amount of cash to get a Good or Best quality item to craft), if you make a number of difficult tests, to, at some point in the future, give someone +1d10 initiative. Once. If he has the weapon already in hand when combat starts. Whee.


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>mfw dwarves do have a secret language
>mfw Dwarven is so secret non-dwarves haven't even heard of it.

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He's from TES, you may recognize him from the picture.

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>dwarves protect the last vestiges of a great ancient culture, and fight horrific battles in the dark places of the earth against foes no sunwalker tongue could describe
>humans breed like rabbits so they can kill each other like bugs

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This much I have covered, image related.

The Song itself is quirky and I need to get back to reading the verses. I should visit that library site to just look up the books.

That, I honestly don't remember, good question.

And I keep forgetting what era ES:O is SUPPOSED to happen around also, mainly just due to me not caring about the game until now

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Sounds like someone is asking to get Milk-Fingered

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What are these? Elvish Ants?

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Is there not a person on /tg/ who likes elves?

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and also because elves suck

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