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this seems useful to have and poorly done
maybe I'll just make my own, just for personal use

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>make my orks less shit
paint them blue and run them as ultramarines

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>not having a standard formula for pricing units
intercessor to tac difference: 5pts = +1w+1a
intercessor to termie: 3pts = +1mv +1ld
intercessor to vet: 3pts = +1w+1ld
vet to tac: 2pts = +1a+1ld

this can be used as a linear system of equations and after solving with online calculator comes out with:
3pts per wound, 2 pts per attack, 3 pts per move and 0pts per leadership
obviously tons more can be found, and most likely will produce different results, but these where the first and closest to each other I found lazily looking
so now you just have to repeat this, looking for stat-increases in WS, BS, S, T, and Sv, then you have a baseline how much each attribute point should cost assuming you're lazy and its a linear increase, if you say i.e. 6S to 7S is worth less then 3S to 4S, then you obv. can't use linear systems
from these baselines, you can calculate points costs for units / calculate points costs for things like invulns, and obviously do the same steps for wargear.
Some assumptions should probably be made like first wound always be free, since models without at least 1 wound are stupid.
Of course GW doesn't do this, and just allocates points so primaris and guard always win, but its a way you could go about balancing the whole thing

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tire quickly?

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>Take 10 Tacs Sergeant w/ Combi-Plasma 2 Plasmaguns
>Combat Squat into 2x5, one only normals, one with the sergeant + special guys
I can do this to get a cheapo special weapon team, right?

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didn't measure
deathwatch, but looking for a new one for 9th

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only if you tell me what you're working on and why you're using javascript for it

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I dislike the whole robot body thing, the spindly legs and bits, gimpwalkers and the general look of being chopped up and replaced by robot parts and the stupid hovertank thing.
also Dunestrider body is too big, and rifles not thick enough.
I do like their hooded robot heads and priest look tho.

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is this the right thread?

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