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I'm so sorry Gael. I wanted to cosplay you but I didn't like the Executioner Greatsword and the shield wasn't suited to the boss fight. So I brought out a +4 Irithyll Rapier I used against Nameless and a +6 Cathedral Knight Greatshield and only swapped back for the final hit. I also overleveled for your boss fight, being in the SL60s range when your boss was suited for SL50 at max. I did you dirty.

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>no Silver Knight straight sword nor spear
>Firelink Greatsword does nothing Soul of Cinder could
>Ringed Knight straight sword's weapon art is the closest thing to phase 2's combo
>Dreg Heap is the Earthen Peak and not even inside so technically Harvest Valley
>instead of all the other more aesthetically pleasing maps like Heide's Tower of Flame or Dragon Aerie
>two swamps in the same DLC
If it weren't for the bosses I'd be even sadder.

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>tfw you will never develop psychic powers through chugging tons of royal wine made from planet crusts

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>tfw you just figured out talk like a pirate day was yesterday

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I miss Oberstein

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>tfw the tomboy fucking chapters aren't translated yet

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>their own roided fire dragon unit
>tfw no 40k steroid ridden fire breathing dragon unit

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>slave knight head
>there is no way to get gael's beard
>silver knights still don't drop their weapons

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>tfw so few singers can give a performance like Tina Turner as Aunty Entity
>tfw even fewer can perform songs like she does at her age on platforms so high up
>tfw you still can't get past the thunderdome
>tfw that anon busted a deal

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I didnt even know a SC! Sisters existed
also, Sisters are sold out everyhwere I look, its disheartening

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the role of every primaris unit is clear, so if you want anti tank you know to include hellblasters
with space marines, you could include missile launcher or lascanons on your tacticals, maybe terminators with antitank, how about melee terminators with anti tank, boxnaughts could get lascannons too
overall you need to think more how much antitank you want, on what units you want it, and if it might be better on another type of unit, where if you want antitank in a primaris army you immediately know what to take.
also, thanks to no wargear primaris units are pretty much a fixed cost, for really new people, the listbuilding with them is a lot easier.

sorry for the walls of text.

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