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also, let us never forget that no matter how retarded you might think a gun/melee combo might be, it will NEVER be as needless and potentially suicidal as Gun Cutlery.

With Key Guns being a bit of a runner up.

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Combinging katar and guns seemed to be a regular thing during British controlled India and some designs worked better than others I would wager.

Hell, the entire period of black-powder firearms seemed to lead to a lot of experiements on what all a gun could be attached to. Some were smart, others were dumb.

Really dumb.

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Because if you pay attention:
1. Pistol has a reinforced bottom end, making it into a good bashing tool
2. They are fully armored, meaning hey can't really be stabbed
3. They already shot each other, and only managed to kill each others horses
4. Both of them are carrying some variant of cavalry sabers, which doesn't really work well for their situation

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Bookmarked 7th Sea Core, as requested:

Looking for some LotFP pdfs, anyone got:
Kiss of the Frog God
Scenic Dunnsmouth
A Single, Small Cut
Sleeping Place of the Feathered Swine
Bad Myrmidon
Thulian Echoes
The Pale Lady
Idea from Space
The Cursed Chateau

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Was there a period in history where people just put guns on everything? Gun-daggers, gun-forks... gun-hats?

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>if it exists, it must be functional

You wonder why the world has abandoned gun cutlery.

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More can play this game.
Because sometimes your food might be a bit too raw.

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