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>he has no content

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i'm not following. what's wrong with the guy? i've seen a bunch of his videos recommended to me and they're all +30 minute long free lectures on various fantasy shit

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Thanks senpai!

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They know something is up, and know they shattered time in some way and ended destiny, but have no idea that all timelines are collapsing in through her soul because of what they did.

Fuckin' slavs, man.

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I don't get it

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Since we've delved deep enough to ask this, I'm going to go ahead and ask this:

I'm looking for a two doujins that I absolutely can't find again because I'm stupid.

The first has two amazon sisters who get fucked and mindbroken by minotaurs, and the second is where an egyptian queen and her daughter come back to life somehow and fuck the guy who did it.

Any help?

Why am I so depraved?

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Probably sincerity of attraction. This is why you let romances happen naturally instead of forcing them. It's been really fun and cute to see who the players try to set up with who, not out of active matchmaking, but during any city project or wilderness outing they'll try to help people work together, and sometimes it ends in a further friendship or relationship.

Two kids got hooked up because of the PCs and a bunch of unrelated events; they had a scene together and it just sort of quietly snowballed in the background from there.

One of them knows she's doomed, even if subconsciously. She sort of wants to get married to her love in some secret little ceremony before whatever end comes. It's rotting my goddamn teeth.

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My favorite trick is to play reverse chicken with my players. They start out average enough, your typical lot of killers and too-cools trying too hard in a fun way.

Then I just keep upping the ante. I make them diplomats. I make them parents. I make them vital to a community. There's always an out, always an easy way to say no thanks, but they just keep adding rocks, little by little, until they're drowning to death in being responsible people who hard think their decisions through and stare at the table when they realize just how many modifiers they've added on.

thank christ they haven't gotten the nerve to chicken back at me


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>running game
>put a shitload of monstergirls in but played dead serious
>and the best part

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Way I play it, humans are one of the less populous races, but they're the one that ends up holing in all over the world with every other race, like cats, or dogs. They're not numerous, but they are ubiquitous. Ends up making them the occasional oddity in any exotic locale you go to, almost classifying them as much by nearby racial relation as they are by location and language.

If anything they've become a species of convenience for the other species.

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