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My hand raises up to grab him, but something quickly takes my wrist.
How?! How did he beat Belle?

"Not this time." Asai holds my hand. "I've decided to change slightly, to prevent you using the card trick again."

"W-" I find myself studdering, "What do you want?!"
"I'm-" He keeps his gaze fixed. "-going back to the lot which contained my company and rebuilding Fortune. Whether you come with me is entirely up to if you let me leave right now."

What? No!
Of course not!

"So- "

Faster than I can blink, Mom is already standing! There's a card in her hand, and it's glowing a mean red!
Her entire body glows, and she strikes right at Asai!

Mom's attack is effortlessly deflected! Asai grabs her wrist and throws her across the table!
"MO-" I yell, but then-

He's glowing, too. And his hand has raised in the general direction that Mom fell.

I try to run between them, with my shield. Though, my entire body feels as if a dream.

Something huge and silvery tackles Asai! The silver husk hangs off of his back as he comically swings and flails around in an attempt to throw it off!

It's the monster!
He throws Asai down onto his face and starts laying into him! Throw after throw, I didn't know fists were his weapon of choice!

Asai, somehow, pulls himself up using an unseen force! The monster throws a left-hook right at that time, and smacks Asai right in the eye!
He blasts the monster away, and cups his swelling eye. The monster starts throwing pots, pans, plates, anything within arms reach at him. Each one uselessly breaks against Asai's exterior.
Asai catches a pot with his free hand, while the monster almost slithers along the ground and pops up right next to him. With another left hook, his fist makes a sickening crack on Asai's face!

There are more sickening cracks. The monster's metallic carapiece is starting to give way!


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"Just stop, okay!?" I yell, crossing my arms. "Just stop. I had enough. I don't want to talk about it anymore."
"Emillion, you'll HAVE to talk about it eventually."
"Now isn't the time."

We sit in silence for a few minutes, Ama awkwardly pulls at the hem of her dress.

"Will you at least CONSIDER talking to Masami about it?" She asks, the distress in her voice is palatable.
"I don't like talking to her. She always tries to reason with me, and then acts all sweet, and then TURNS THE WHOLE THING AROUND ON ME LIKE I'M THE BAD GUY!"

"Here, I'll talk to her WITH you? Would that help-"

I just heard it. Footsteps. Steely footsteps on the gravel of the driveway.

Something is coming.

"Get ready."

Ama steadies over the doorway with her frying pan. I try to hold a nearby table leg precariousyl over the doorframe.

Slowly, the door swings open.
"NOW!" Ama yells.

An armored beast walks through the doorway just as Ama's frying pan shatters against its armor. My table legs uselessly breaks in two before chittering across the room.

The monster looks both ways, once at me, and then another at Ama.
"Oh, Hello Emillion, Amarante. Is everything here going well?"

Oh, it's just that monster that follows Izumi around. He seems like a great guy, but his outer exterior betrays his soft-spoken demeanor. We both would have greatly outranked him if we were still working for Master.

"EEK!" Ama shrieks, and I sigh.
"What are you doing back here? Weren't you going to go find Izumi?"

"I did, and she told me to come back home. Well, Masami AND Izumi told me to come back home, and be safe."

"And you listened to them?"

>You don't like that, do you?
>Why are you taking orders from Masami of all people?
>Fine, get in the cellar, be safe.
>How are they?
>Tag-out, you watch the door and we're going to take a break in the cellar.

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Seriously, why is she so flustered? What is going on?

"No!" she crosses her arms, frowning.

"Masami, just let it go." She, too, is blushing. Why?

"Sweetie, I think we should talk about this later."

What's there to talk about? I don't get it!

The boy is staring at the secretary, look of absolute confusion on his face. He arches his eyebrows slightly.
"What are you talking about? I don't understand."
"Hey." Mom nudges him, "That's enough."

Meanwhile, the secretary has completely hidden behind the couch again. I can hear her wringing her hands from behind as everyone talks about that awkward incident she helped create.
Everyone is just so weird.

"Anyway!" I jump up in excitement. "We need to tell everyone that we found a way, right now!"
"Well, at least Marie." Mom leans back, "She needs to know that whatever crazy plan she's cooking up won't be necessary."

"Y-yes, please, get me out of here." I hear the secretary whimper.

I start to say something, but Kaori's glare makes me think otherwise.


We're back in the real world now. Everyone jumps at our sudden arrival, before returning to whatever silliness they were doing previously.

Mom sighs in relief as she counts everyone to make sure they made it back safely.

Kaori nudges me again.
"(Masami! That was really rude!)"
"(What was!?)"
"(You're prodding the secretary on a subject you're way too young to understand!)"
"(She looks younger than me!)"
"(That's not-)"

Mom gasps! We turn our head to see what's wrong.
That boy, the one who was formerly a monster, is now a monster again!

It didn't work at all!

He stands in silence, examining his metallic fingers. Mom scrambles around him, trying to see if his armor comes off or something.

Either ways, it seems that card wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

>So how DOES it work?
>Throw a fit

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You could try bringing everyone in, but that's a risky proposition. Most people in your house haven't been to the other world. I know from experience that it can be scary there if you've never been. Plus it would be confusing to bring in a bunch of people to a place you've never tried bringing anyone before.

Instead, you're just going to bring a couple people here.
First up, Kaori!

"Hey Kaori! We made this great looking house! Want to come?"

She gives me a look like I am completely insane.
"A HOUSE? You spent like, an hour, making a house!? Earth to Masami, you have less than a day to make something to beat Asai!"
"And I did! It just looks like a house!"

Kaori sighs, giving me that look again.
"Okay, I'll see your dumb house."
"It's not a dumb house! And thank you."

Next I turn to the monster, who seems to be sulking on the back porch. I approach him and sit down next to him.
"What's wrong?"

"I don't want to talk about it."

Oh no, you don't get to act like that around here!
"Come ooooooon, tell me!"

He grumbles, turning his head away.

"Well, want to come to this place we just made? Maybe it'll make you feel better!"

Instead of accepting, he pushes himself up and steps away from me.
"Priestess, I don't think we're going to have something to defeat Asai within the day. I think we should take Marie up on her offer."

>"You're just grumpy! Come on! I'll show you something cool!"
>"Do you know anything about this? You've been acting like you do."
>"I'll just ask someone else, thank you."

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"Julie! Julie! Tell her about your powers! They're really cool!"
"I-it's not that much, I don't want to scare her, too."

I can feel Julie trying to squirm away in my grasp, but I don't let her go.
"Come on! Show her! Show her!"
"I-I don't wanna!"

"I want to see it!" Kaori eggs her on.
Suddenly, I feel a twisting feeling in my arms as Julie frees herself almost effortlessly. It's like trying to hold onto a tide of water.
That's something else that she didn't show me earlier, I feel left out!

"That's so cool!" Kaori gushes.
"S-shut up, it's not cool!" Julie pouts.

They start to talk about powers and what each other can do with them. I start to peer across the bedscape to see who is and isn't awake right now.

Mom is out like a light, I can hear her snoring from here. Emillion has decided to cuddle right next to his sister. Haruko is several feet away, curled up into a ball with Mir, the invisible girl.

Which leaves.. The monster. He's sitting on the edge of the bed quite a ways off. I stand up and quietly make my way toward him.

"Hey." I pat him on the shoulder.
"Hello, Priestess." He says in his usual deadpan tone.

"Why are you awake? Or. Um. Here. Why are you here?"
"Something is bothering me."

"Want to tell me about it?" I nudge his shoulder.
"It's not my job to concern you with them. I'm just being unnaturally worried."

>Of course it's your job! You're practically family!
>I'm going to make you into a human one day so you don't think that little of yourself anymore.
>Want to help me test the human card tomorrow? We need to know if it will work before we apply it elsewhere.
>Please tell me what's bothering you

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I notice the concrete behemoth behind him slowly starting to rise over his back. I'm worried it could come rushing at me at any moment. Belle is strong, but I'm not sure that her shield could deflect THAT.
Is this another one of this illusions?

Whether it is or not, there's only one thing that comes to my mind.

I hop backwards and grab Julie, quickly we scramble to the opposite end of the room as the stone blob behind Asai struggles to reach out toward us. It seems like it's bound to where it first swelled up.

Asai slowly starts to walk across the room toward us. I jump to my feet and stand against him with my sword drawn.
"Stay away!"
"This is MY building, why don't YOU stay away, Priestess?"


Asai stops.
Is that sound my heartbeat, or something else?
Maybe Julie's heartbeat?

Just then, a hand appears out of the wall behind us!
Asai falls backwards as it yanks both Julie and I right out of the building!

"EEK!" Julie grabs onto it.
"Relax." The hand seems to speak.

I look down, and notice that we've been dragged outside! The ground is still many floors below, but something seems to be carrying us.

It's that monster, the good one. He's holding both of us in his arms as he hovers outside of the newly-created hole in the building.
"What are you two thinking trying to fight Asai inside of his own building? You can never win."
"Why do you care?!" Julie snaps back at him.

I grab onto his neck. That's when I notice he still has the gaping hole in his midsection.
"Thank you, but I told you to leave! You're really hurt!"
"You didn't really think I was going to leave because you told me to, right?"

I think about it for a moment.

Asai stands up and looks at us through the hole in his wall. Now I'm not really sure where to go from here.

>Ask him to put us back inside somewhere else in the building
>Ask if he knows where Mom went
>Let him decide where to go next.
>Wait for Asai's next move

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I sprint toward the house, hopping over the discarded front door. I can feel tears welling at the edges of my eyes as I hop up and over the windowsill.

Thankfully, the window seems to have already been busted out. I fly through the curtains and land in the living room, ready to fight.

The house is in shambles. Our dining room table is flipped over, with all the breakfast plates scattered around the floor. Glass and fine china shattered and turned about throughout the room.
Every chair is flipped over on its side, one is even broken!

The door to Mom's room has been torn off, inside there is no one. I back out into the living room to search one more time.

But again, I see nothing. There's no one here.

I stop, feeling my heartbeat rising. My ears feel like they're on fire, but not as on fire as my stomach.
My entire body feels like it's going to explode.

I can't feel anything anymore. Just the floor beneath my knees, and the sobbing in my ears.

She's gone. Haruko is gone.
Everyone who was my strength has left.
When I need it the most, I'm all alone.

Even my ears ring with the sound of someone else. I know it's a lie, because I've searched the whole house and found no one.
I hear it again, it's likely me coughing and gagging over my tears.

"Masami! Look up!"
I blink, open my eyes and look toward the ceiling.
Sure enough, there's a spear protruding from it. And impaled on that spear, is the nice monster that has always helped out.

Or so I thought, right now he's stuck in the ceiling. His two hands grip onto the spear that goes straight through him as he struggles to pull it out.
"I could use some help!"

>Pull it out.
>Question him.
>Pull it out and then
>>Hug him

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I look at her, and with a pouting glare, my lips purse together.

"B-but! We can't search by ourselves! Fortune is huge!"

Ergh. I hate to admit but she does have a point there.
"Okay FINE. But only if we find someone to wait here with you."

That gives Kaori pause for thought. I tell her who could wait here with her.
"That monster, the one who has never been a big jerk could do it."

"Oh, OH good idea!" She says, happily hopping toward the door. I open it for her as we step out into the hallway.

We walk down, past the meeting rooms, when.

A monster flies through the wall and crumples into dust.

Speaking of which, there's that monster now! He seems unhurt, and even seems to be looking for a fight!

"Hey!" I call out to it. He stops and steps through the hole in the wall.
"Masami, what are you doing here."
"Mom came to Fortune, and I can't find her!"

"Yes, but you being here would make her even more worried. I'll show you out to the roof exit."

"No wait!" I grab his hand. "You have to wait here with Kaori, she wants to try to find her from Asai's office."

"But-" He looks around, noticing nothing else seems to be in the area. "I'm going to miss the fight.. Come on Kaori."
"Quickly!" Kaori greedily grabs onto his other hand. "Masami, I'll call you when I find something!"

"Uh.. Okay." I wave to them as they disappear down the hallway.

I leap down the gap in the stairwell. At freefall, it shouldn't take me too long to reach the lower floors.

That is until an unseen arm sticks out from one of the stairways and knocks me off course. I tumble along the stairs until hitting one of the corners.

"Ow." I rub the back of my head as I look up to see what hit me.

It's a gigantic beast that looks not unlike a cockroach. If cockroaches were made out of metal.

Gross, I don't even want to touch it.

>Fight it!
>Run from it, that is nasty.
>Use a card

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I am Itsukuma Masami. And everything is going terrible! Kaori ran off to Fortune on her own and I had to learn about it from that monster!

Mom didn't even call me and tell me that she found her, what is going on over there?!

Right now, I'm flying several hundred feet above the city. At this rate I should reach Fortune in a minute or two.
The monster, in an extremely skilled flying maneuver, is flying only a few inches away from me at arms length. Where did he learn to do that?

"Masami." He says, "Look ahead."

Two.. No three dots on the horizon. They appear to be speeding toward us.

"I thought this may happen. He anticipated your arrival."

"Who's 'He'?!"

"Asai... He was very insistent with everyone that no one interrupt this meeting."

Wait.. How did Dad know about this meeting? Kaori just ran off on her own! What is going on?!

"If you'd like, Masami. I can stall them while you go on ahead."

>"Do that! I need to get to my sister!"
>"No! We'll all fight them together! This won't take long!"
>"Forget that, we'll find a way around so they don't even realize we passed them!"

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I put everything back and set the clock to an inconspicuous position. Whew, I would die if anyone found out about that.
Well, not literally, maybe.

Aside from that! I need to get started today. A lot of things happened yesterday, which means there is probably lots of office drama occurring behind my back about what to do with the two kids of Empress. So I need to step up and be the best Empress I know how to be!

I write something down on a slip of paper and slide it into my pocket before leaving the room. This time, I'm sure to shut the door behind me SECURELY just to make sure.


50th floor, all is as it should be. Which is good, because Masami told me this place was in an uproar yesterday. Usually when that happens there are upturned tables, destroyed printers and machines, doors torn off the hinges.
It just doesn't seem like a very safe working environment when that happens.

There he is, the one person in this whole building that I can trust with a secret. I quietly walk past him and "accidentally" drop the slip of paper. I don't bother looking back as I pace the hall several times before returning right back to the break room.

Oh! Cupcakes today! I-
I really want to, but I shouldn't.

Oh! Oh. It's him.
"You wanted to see me?"

"Right, I-"

>Want to hear what happened yesterday
>Want to know what the Chairman and Asai talked about
>Can you watch my kids today? I'm worried about what happened yesterday
>Do you know why someone was in my office?

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"Okay Mom, but I really need to get going!"
"This is important."

I pout, before sitting back at the dinner table.
Maybe it's not so bad, I still have an hour to get to Fortune.

"Mom, if you're telling me that I shouldn't follow her, then I have bad news for you." Arms cross, pout harder.
"No, no it's not that." she sips at her tea. "In fact, I want you to follow her."

"W-what? Seriously?" That's shocking to hear, I was expecting the usual 'No you might get hurt!' speech.

"Mmhmm. You too." She looks over toward the beast who delivered the message in the first place.

His metallic-like head perks up at the realization that she's speaking to him.
"Hmm? Wait. Are you serious? When did I get pulled into this?"

Mom glares at him, "Just do it."
Wow, she can be really scary when she wants to be.
The metallic beast bolts up from his chair, "Y-yes!"

She takes another sip from her cup before continuing, "Both of you, listen. You can stay as hands-off of this meeting as you please, but you are to do one thing. Keep Kaori and the Chairman from fighting."

Wait, from fighting?
"Uh, Mom, You think they're going to fight?"
"I know they will."

That doesn't sound good.

>"Why would they be fighting? That's not what Kaori told me!"
>"Okay! Fine! I'll do it!"
>"So what will you be doing?"
>"Do you know something that I don't?"

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"um... UM.." Is all I can manage.

No.. No I can't freak out now. I just can't. He's here at MY home, and I'm not going show him that I'm afraid!
Even if I really am!

Carefully, as to not alert Kaori, I step outside and slide the door shut behind me.
"Surprised to see me here? Your sister did ask for a statement from her father."

Wait.. I know this guy!
It's the only monster at Fortune who doesn't act like a jerk to me! He was even helpful the few times I met him!
I still haven't given him a name..

"Oh! W-what are you doing here?" If I'm trying to sound confident, I'm not doing a very good job.

"I came here to deliver the news on Magici-"
He stops himself, "-Kaori's request to meet with the Chairman. And I thought I would try to be diplomatic while I was here."

This makes him the first monster I've known that's actively trying to call her Kaori.
"Oh? Well-"

>That's great! Come inside and tell us all about it!
>I'll go get Kaori
>Hold on, I think Kaori and Mom should hear this
>I'll tell Kaori, no need to come inside!

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"You should go with Maeda, too. If something has happened to Ryouta, then she needs all the help she can get."

"No, we can't-"
"Please! I didn't want anyone to get hurt by this! They don't want to hurt me, and I have my cards for protection. Just please go find Ryouta!"

They look worried, but they understand what I'm saying perfectly. Maeda grabs Aiko's hand and they take off in a sprint down the hallway.
This is probably for the best.

The next few minutes are spent in awkward silence between the monster and I. This is a good time to ask questions, but I don't really feel there's anything to ask him at the moment.
Well, except this one thing that's on my mind.


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Maeda opens the door for us, and we step through, onto the fiftith floor.

It's almost exactly the same way I remember it being. There's an empty breakroom along one wall. The other walls have computers and other expensive office equipment humming the same sum as the florescient lights. This floor, too, seems completely abandoned.
Except for one figure.

He's leaning against a wall, occasionally glancing at a round clock. His head perks upward as he sees us approach.

"Priestess, That wasn't a very nice thing to do to family." It's that guy who won't leave me alone. "Though I admit, thinking back on it, I do see the humor. Oh? what happened to your friend."
"None of your business." Maeda spits at him

"Then...Do you need me to carry her? That can't be easy on-"
"NO!" I immediately shout, "No no no, this is fine. I can carry her."
Aiko stirs in my arms a bit, but immediately curls her head into my chest.
"So why are you here? Didn't you get the hint?"

The metallic monster points to a door, "I'm here because, again, you'll need my help getting in to see him. I'll unlock the doors for you if you just follow me-"
"Hold it, I didn't come here to see 'him', whoever 'him' is. I came here to get my Mother back."

He seems taken aback by this, "Your mother? You mean Empress? But she's in a- Never mind. Let's just go."

>"Maybe you didn't get the message, I'm going on my own, you can stay here."
>"Lead the way, just stay far, far ahead of me."

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