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>NPC is talking to group
>Character B starts to say his anecdote from his background contradicts something NPC claimed.
>Stop him and have character B make intelligence check.
>Tell player B that his character would have only seen blahblah, which neither confirms or contradicts NPCs claim.
>You can still say what you were going to say, you'll just know you'd be lying.
>Nah I wouldn't interrupt then.
>NPC continues conversation for less than a minute.
>Player C says he wants to roll for intimidation.
>What do you want to intimidate him to do? Say what you would say in character.
>Character C says to NPC he knows he's lying, blahblah.
>Eyebrow raises around table
>Tell him to give me a deception roll.
>What? Why deception we know he's lying.
>What about and how?
>Player B knows perapera...
>Entire group facepalms.

It's one thing to metagame, but to get it wrong too? The pitiful thing is he usually doesn't even realize when he's metagaming; like he forgets that we're roleplaying characters, not controlling pieces on a board game. Has anybody else ever been this forgetful/inattentive? He wasn't even doing anything else. I've got trouble wrapping my head around it and I have adhd; it's like he's skimming real life.

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>Rolling for stats
>Not playing 100% perfectly to stats after rolling for stats

What's the point in rolling for stats if you don't even use the stats for anything but number crunching value?

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Shameless bump

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Alt picture for that filename.

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Hey /tg/

I'm bored at work and just finished running through the fanfic updates I was behind on, and I find myself without anything to read whilst I sit at my desk.
Would anyone have some good fanfic or story recommendations?

I've enjoyed things like Harry Potter and The Methods of Rationality, Worm and some of its fanfic crossovers (the Warframe one is amusing so far), Aeon Natum Engel, Dungeon Keeper Amy, and other odd crossovers like Cast In Gold (Evangelion/Exalted).

Any suggestions?

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Jump #24 Swords & Sorcery
Location: The Land Of Steel
Age: 33
Origin: Drop In

To Truly Live (50)- Live the life in HD.
A Well Traveled Road (100)- The joy of travel.
Born To Be Mighty (200)- When in Ro- I mean Gaul...
The Charm Of Rogues (300)- Like Ol' Captain Jack Sparrow.
Call to Greatness (450)- It knows where you jump.
Lost And Forgotten (600)- One more adventure waiting around another bend...
The Heart Of Man (900)- Tourist, spymaster, fixer or maker of problems and more uses besides.
The Making Of Myth (1200)- To leave my footprints deep in the bones of the worlds I walk.
Grandeur and Allure (1600)- Vanity intensifies.

A Wanderer's Cloak (0)- Handy.

A Weak Heart (+100)- I must be brave...
The Nail That Sticks Up (+200)- ...despite all the slings and arrows of the world....
The Plaything of Your Betters (+300)- ...and the whims of cruel gods.

Some are born to bravery, and others must grow into it. Others still must grow up even earlier than most. I'm not a hero or any great legend, but perhaps I'll fill into these shoes before they trip me up. Until then I'm going to keep walking the world and see what good it holds. I imagine I'm going to see enough of the bad with less effort.

Pic related. According to Worm it's what will happen when I combine Call to Greatness, Lost and Forgotten, and Dowsing from TES.

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Combination of everything:
>Flesh to stone the little girl
>Add Arcane Mark
>Get pot of Holy Water
>Immerse Girl Statue
>Bring immersed statue and pot to giant's cave
>Occupy/make a deal with/teleport giants away
>Bring to boil
>Add lid
>Add heavy rock to lid and weld shut/add dimensional anchor seal
>Add glyphs of warding
>Add more glyphs of warding
>Add more
>Keep going
>Bring giants back/seal the deal/summon elementals
>Corner douche avatar
>Sorry, death avatar
>Corner him
>Laugh when he teleports
>If he makes it back
>Laugh again, wait for surrender/kill him/convert him/use him as a component

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