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No, but I did once play the husband of a married couple on the run. He was the human rogue of the party, she was a DMPC that basically did all of the parties chores, had the horses ready for a quick escape, set up camp, etc.
She was really upbeat and good for morale, and me and the DM had a blast acting like a lovey dovey young couple

My guy eventually died and she got depressed and mostly stopped talking. Shit was a bummer from beyond the grave

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Oh god, just imagine /mlpol/ being permanent and them doing raids of other boards with their nazi pony shit.

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>Hard mode: John French is writing it.
REEEEEEsus Christ no! Someone must stop his sinful hand.

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To be fair, I still talk about Black Crusade as well and said that I would commence work on it after MCU2. Which will be done this upcoming week. But you're also responding to bait, so what can ya do?

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Stand user obtains battlemaid, meanwhile bugbear really fucking hates humans.

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Too late, anon. If someone makes a jump of it, I will engage in plans.

So many plans.

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(Magic the Gathering: Innistrad)
-Background: Drop-In (Free) -Eh, fuck it. Whatever.
-Enhanced Senses (Free) -Telling the difference of things is nice.
-A Good Guest (Free) -Never mess with people's hospitality.
-Kessig Wolfrun (800CP) (Discount) -Some Red/Green Mana, imbuing strength is nice...
-Moorland Haunt (400CP) -Some Blue/White Mana, not sure about spirits...
-Vault of the Archangel (0CP) -A bunch of White/White Mana, this can be nice.
-Slayer's Stronghold (-400CP) -Some Red/White Mana, the Daylight lamps are NICE.
-Alchemist Refuge (-800CP) -Some Blue/Green Mana, and a lab is nice.
-Suspicious Lot (-600CP)
-Siblings Game (-300CP)
-Court of the Three-Day King (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Havengul, 30 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure


No, seriously. I have no idea what the fuck I want to do here. What the fuck do I even want to bother with? A lot of the stuff didn't really appeal to me, so... fuck it. Just buy a bunch of lands.

2 Blue, 2 Red, 2 Green, and 4 White.

FUCK IT. JUST PUT ALL OF THEM INTO THE GARDEN. Let Node Mastery and other things boost the yield, shit can't be THAT bad. Whatever, just fucking mainline this shit right into me.

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Faust is never okay.

Overmind is cool in Adam. You get hella MU with Brain Chip.

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>They thank you for your generosity once more, some of them even ask for your permission to settle on Varda as they don't have any family apart from those who perished during the raid.
They're more than welcome.

>Convoy was owned two Chartist Captains, however both of them perished. Most of the bodies which you discovered have perished during the original attack, a small minority died during the boarding action. Some might have been taken as slaves as you've found some nets strewn about in the battlefield, but not on a major scale.

Any information on original crew numbers?
With the owners dead can we claim the hulks? Or do they have next-of-kin for them to go to?

Motherfucking Kest.

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Pathfinder, but that's more for personal reasons than for the game being bad. I mean, it IS a bad game, but you get the idea.

I was promised something with Pathfinder that I didn't get. There were big promises and I was hyped for it. I was excited and hopeful that PF was going to fix everything I hated about 3.5. I thought they were going to fix caster supremacy, make martials useful, cut back on splatbook power creep and bloat, fix the hilarious lack of balance, fix number bloat, and so on.

Paizo didn't fix any of those things. PF ended up just being 3.5 with some glitter and christmas lights tossed onto it. More of the same but with a different coat of paint. In fact, PF made 3.5 problems even worse. It also made me realize I might actually be legitimately retarded, because I ran a campaign of this garbage for two years before realizing that PF did nothing to fix what I hated about 3.5.

Fuck you, Paizo. Kiss the fattest part of my asshole.

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>Spend hours trying to come up with a flag for the space Nazis
>Literally every fucking design was already done by some lame ass Neo-Nazi fucksticks in Sweden or some shit

Are you fucking serious, can you assholes just use the Swastika and stop fucking it up for the rest of us? I swear to Christ, how is a guy supposed to make a thing about space nazis if all the fucking flags are taken? Fuck you Nordic Front, fucking douchebags, what the fuck does an arrow have to do with Scandinavia, what is it because north is up on the map? Afraid we might forget where you are? God damn it.

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Come on man it's not bait. I'm actually trying to have a serious conversation about this. Is this what /tg/ has turned into? Is someone going to accuse me of being a tumblrina next, or that I should go back to /pol/?

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They sort of did earn it, but godsdamnit being excellent and daring is not enough to be a responsible user of god like power!

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This can be slow or extremely slow. Your choice.

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>mfw my attacks and damage increase when I take damage


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I always hear horror stories about the "actions have consequences? RAILROAD RAILROAD" turbofaggots but I've never actually had any of them in any of my games. I pray to Lucifer I never do because I don't know how civilly I'd deal with them.

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>those gains

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I didn't make them cry, but I managed to make them sad and full of regret.

I hyped up an enemy as being a super-powerful dragon-man, with great majestic wings and scales as hard as any armour and a fiery breath that would melt even stone.

Then they faced him and while he was strong and skilled, he was a hideous deformed mutant with stubby barely-functional wings, irregular patches of barely-helpful scales, and a breath weapon that was as much vomit as fire. When offered mercy, he kept fighting and demanded to die like a warrior instead of continue living like the pathetic mistake and failed experiment he was.

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Came here to post something like this. If I wanted to have an "ideal" martial class, I'd go several steps further and tear down a lot of the game's core assumptions and mechanics and rebuild it from the ground up until it's a totally different game. I'd use mythological heroes as inspiration for the martial classes. CĂș Chulainn, Bhishma, Achilles, Ajax, Cadmus, Beowulf, Perseus, Gilgamesh, Sigfried, heroes like them.

Yeah, like this. Casters get to break the rules all the time, but non-casters are strictly defined by the rules because "muh mundane fighter" or some fucking garbage. Fuck that.

>that spoiler
It hurts me, too. It hurts so bad, right in my warrior soul.

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>muh sacred cows

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> horror involving a completely unkillable... normal guy brandishing an X (knife, ax, chainsaw, etc.)
>Elves being superior to other races in every way, but still finding the time to be a dying race and constantly beg for "sympathy"
>MUH WIZARDS > MARTIALS BECAUSE I'M NOT SMART ENOUGH TO THINK OUTSIDE OF ABILITY DESCRIPTIONS (its not just D&D where I've had this happen, so not playing D&D didn't help much.)
>muh villain who does it because sympathetic reasons! I don't think raping those 80 virgins, then having them eaten by your hell hounds that YOU LITERALLY ASKED SATAN TO LOAN YOU BECAUSE YOU TWO ARE FRIENDS was in the name of getting your daughter back, especially when you already had the amulet and just had to wait for the blood moon.

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