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I have an inquiry directly related to how I should be playtesting Spheres of Might's blacksmith class. You see, it receives proficiency with all hammers, and one of its key class features applies only to hammers. However, it does not actually apply to lucerne hammers.

"aklys, battle aspergillum, club, earth breaker, greatclub, heavy mace, light hammer, light mace, mere club, planson, taiaha, tetsubo, wahaika, warhammer"

The Hammer Training talent grants proficiency with, "aklys, battle aspergillum, club, dwarven longhammer, earthbreaker, flail, gnome hooked hammer, greatclub, heavy flail, heavy mace, knobkerrie, light hammer, light mace, lucerne hammer, mere club, morning star, planson, taiaha, tetsubo, wahaika, and warhammer."

Which definition of "hammer" should I use, at least for my playtest?

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>...god dammit, I like this. This is getting pitched to the group. Thanks a lot!

Rather than impose a *penalty* for reattempting the same trick more than once, it would be better to give a *bonus* the first time you use a certain talent (whether in the combat, or against a specific enemy).

This way, you would effectively be echoing D&D 4e's encounter powers.

Even then, however, you still run into various Equipment talents being overwhelming effective, passive "make my numbers for killing people bigger" effects.

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Assuming there are no critical hits (which trigger Brutal Strikes) and no damage reduction for Reflected Blade Style + Steel Flurry Strike...
• One hit (42.5 damage): Enough damage to take down two CR 4s
• Two hits (85 damage): Two CR 7s
• Three hits (127.5 damage): Two CR 10s are most likely dead

Alternatively, instead of using Reflected Blade Style, the character can use Bronze Knuckle for +7 average damage with each hit.

Once again, assuming there are no critical hits (which trigger Brutal Strikes) and no damage reduction for Bronze Knuckle + Steel Flurry Strike...
• One hit (49.5 damage): Still enough to take down one CR 4, possibly a CR 5 with some luck
• Two hits (99 damage): One CR 8 dead
• Three hits (148.5 damage): One CR 11 dead

Then Victorious Recovery recharges essentially all maneuvers. The character repeats the routine and hopefully kills off other important enemies.

This a 5th-level character. Their other highlights include:
• Wisdom for hit points in place of Constitution.
• Wisdom for all Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate checks.
• Detect Evil and twice-rolled Perception from Eyes of the Crane.
• Scent from Running Hunter's stance.
• At-will noncombat healing from Enduring Crane Strike.
• Hasted most of the time, with Rising Zenith Strike as a backup enemy-exploder.

Should Weapon Master's Handbook custom weapons be banned, the character will have to settle for less damage with a sansetsukon.

Are there any questions or concerns regarding how this build works?

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Mordenkrads (and gouges, for that matter) lack the high crit quality, which is useful for an Ardent Champion. They are also incompatible with Githzerai Blade Master.

A gouge can have high crit at the cost of a feat, however, so that is certainly a good option. Impaling Spear also allows a gouge to target Reflex instead of AC on an Overwhelming Strike charge, which is likewise tremendously useful, though this takes a martial multiclass.

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