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as much as I love dming. Creating a story, creating a world, watch my players tackle the problems before them, ive come to realize that everytime i run a game either:
A) Nobody likes it. despite asking for
B) The game gets derailed by somebody in my game who didnt actually want to play

idk if its just me not vetting players and letting in the bad ones or what, i've been dming for the better part of 7 years off and on (maybe about 1-2 games a year maybe) and everytime it always end the same with people not liking the games. i've just become apathetic about dming and just dont even do it at this point even when asked cause i know the outcome is going to be the same.

how do you guys deal with people not liking your games? do you guys get discouraged?

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I got more if you'd like

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was under the "advice" tag

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Here's a bunch of tips i tend to come back to when i feel my GM-fu is getting weak or when i'm running a one-shot for people i haven't GM'd for before

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Hope this can be of use.

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Here's some of it anon

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First time GM Advice thread?

First time GM advice thread.

First piece of advice: ask your players if they want you to roll openly or behind the screen. And brace for TPK and the shitstorms that it brings.

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What're you up to these days anyway?

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pic related

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How does one go about actually planning a campaign? I've ran a couple of sessions and felt they were a little to unstructured. I want my players to be able to have freedom, have long term goals and be structure.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also general advice thread.

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This might be a bit helpful.

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Congratz, you are not me- as in: you are able to roll fairly well in any given situation.

Me? I have rotten fucking luck and I've found myself more than once on either extreme spectrum of
>holy shit, these goblins are going to TPK the party wtf!
>hold on ffs! The party is just styling on my main villain. He hasn't even fucking touched one of them, wtf!

>Otherwise, if you're building your own encounters from scratch, it shouldnt be that hard to get the challenge correct.
It happened more than once that minor encounters almost killed half the team, which I really did not want to happen or plan for.

Most groups I have played with do not mind a bit of fudging to keep the game interesting and engaging. If open rolling works for you, good on you.

You keep using the same old tired argument: I won't kill half the party everytime they face an encounter just because I rolled too damn well and drained all their luck, thus killing half the group who now has to re-make characters and then introduce them somehow to the party.

And you still haven't debunked the aspect that, with open rolling, you actually encourage players to play the same-old, bored, tired out of my fucking mind, min-maxed statblocks.

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Alright, let me address it this way: I like how STORYTIEM puts it, very aptly.

Stupidity begets stupidity.
Actions have consequences.
Stupid actions also have consequences.

Let's have another example:
>campaign starts with characters low-mid level (5-6 something)
>the king asks for their help in dealing with an enemy duke who is ammassing an army to conquer the kingdom
>players are fucking idiots and start going on about sjw shit like gay marriage
>the game goes on like in the other greentext
>the day they finally make a democracy and legalize gay marriage the evil duke comes over with his army, several months earlier because he doesn't need a lot of men, since, you know, the kingdom is already weakened because of the shitty infighting
>the players are slaughtered in the ensuing fight
>yadda yadda

This is how I would play it because I want the players to make their own decisions: they are big enough, they can do what they want. Occasionally I will throw them a reminder of the situation with the duke (an NPC asking them what they should do regarding him and his ambitions to conquer the kingdom) but if the players are FUCKING IDIOTS then they are going to get what's coming for them.

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Not a sin.

Post something legit or gtfo

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That's a bad way of putting it, but its right in spirit.

The key is to remember that as the person running is that your players are supposed to enjoy themselves. That means just because the dice seem to enjoy making your players never hit that enemy and have him kill them one by one two fights into a longer quest doesn't mean that it has to end that way.
See pic related.

Aside from that, try to figure out what your buddies like (if not from prior experience playing together then by picking up on it during game and running with it). A party full of fpeople who love rping and a party of people who just want to kill things should have different focuses.

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