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Mostly because I'm not a fan of handing out absolute powers. Brynhildr only has one power, to destroy any seal, but it's an absolute.
If you really want it, I guess you'll just have to join the Rebel side as the Hero of Light and save the world, won't you?
Either that or doom the world by grabbing it before the Rebels can.

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It depends on your definition of hard. Generally speaking it's hard to get better than 50% odds of scoring a damaging hit, and the norm is sub 50% chance of scoring a damaging hit. Having only a 20% success rate isn't unusual the least.

But in GURPS, you need one or two good hits to cripple or kill anyway (assuming you aren't hitting good armor), so it makes sense that active defenses are very good.

Of course, killing in GURPS is always unpredictable. Someone can get lucky on their HT rolls and stay alive for what feels forever (protip: auto-fail failing NPC HT checks is how you make expendable mooks)

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"When Gurt the half-orc barbarian was cast out of his tribe the thought he had lost it all, but his luck would take a sudden turn when he met a run-away princess.

One is a outcast barbarian. The other a spoiled princess. Together they fight despots."

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What do you do to stop your players from just magicking away all their problems? Any system.

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You best be talkin' arcane-adins, boy.

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Here's one that's not especially Eastern...

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