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Really, each iteration of the series is different from the last, so there's no definitive FF experience. You kinda just have to try them all. Plenty of people love one number and hate every other one, or adore one half and find the other half tiresome.

Give X a go, at any rate. It's fairly easy to get into and has aged quite well.

>What's 13's place popularity-wise?

Haha, extremely troubled. Probably the most divisive Final Fantasy. There are people who love it, of course, but it has the largest hate camp of any FF game. Most people agree that it gets better a long ways in (like, 20 hours), but that's not a huge mark in its favor as it means there's a long stretch of game that's not very fun. Hold out or don't, nobody's forcing you to play. It's a perfectly valid opinion that a game that doesn't get good for a very long time is itself not a good game.

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