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Eh, I'd just dump initative rolls all together. Dex is strong enough as it is. Have the party go first unless surprised.

I throw in a couple if sacrificial front line monks due to the guaranteed first turn.
Makes combats more, epic, faster, and tactical.

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Basically pic related.

Not me but a friend's game, Mk2, Xerxis2 into Thexus. Xerxis pitches a Wrecker into Thexus for half of Thexus' HP. Xerxis player says "fuck it, let's see if this works", has Tiberion walk up to a Subduer and slams it into Thexus. Impact kills both the Subduer and Thexus.

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An idea for another sphere: a combination of thrown weapons, improvised weapons, enhanced shield bashes, Item Mastery-style magic effects, etc. "The whole world is my armory."

This could also lead into pic related, where you get an enhanced grapple against weaker enemies ("beat their CMD by X or more and skip a bunch of steps" type thing, maybe) and then can use them as an improvised weapon.

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>Corpse Warriors

They don't even need weapons! The first brother to die IS the weapon!

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My powerhouse almost got himself expelled from the superteam when he bashed ex-criminals against each other over and over again. When he missed the attack, he also let go of the criminal he was using as an improvised weapon, sending him flying into a concrete wall before picking up another unconscious criminal to use him as a weapon against a bad guy made of metal, who he didn't want to attack bare handed because he might hurt his fist.

The civilians also didn't appreciate that he picked up a piece of debris and destroyed the bullet-proof glass that was supposed to protect the spectators of the -apparently- sanctioned fight. The whole team didn't know that these fights were legal, however, so he just thought to start the big brawl with a big "Fuck you" to the people who were watching, waiting for the superheroes to get pummeled by the criminals. Thanks to good rolls, however, my guy didn't get much more than a few scratches and, as I said before, almost got expelled because he used a motherfucker to hit another motherfucker.

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A man

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I forget, was it Infernal Monster that let you do this in 2e?

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Convincing my DM to let me play a war forged Charger Barbarian.
At one point I started picking up enemies and using them to hit other enemies, it was great.

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Forgot pic.

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