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>mfw their awkward attempts at making Gideon blacker as time went on

It's almost like they realized their mistakes.

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>Motherly Drow Idol that presents a softer, more "mature" side to her race

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>The PC still has to take the hook for that. Most PCs are too paranoid to follow it.

B-But I love going for the hooks, even if they're going to get stuck in my lip and cause nothing but pain until I tear it out.

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>Wouldn't a low view count imply that people don't like me?

Kinda, it just means they one-and-doned your app.


Osanna's development is kind of interesting, mainly because the player actually went through the trouble of mentioning she was treated like a tight warm cocksleeve by filthy brutes when she was a teenager up until she managed to establish a decent reputation as a high-class courtesan, allowing her to leave that lifestyle behind.

Makes me wonder how that background will pepper her interactions with the party and lovers. Will she be turned on by rough anal, or see it as a bitter reminder of her less glamorous past?

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More like someone's going to claim the mountain.

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>Tiny little Kitsune healer

She's so cute, I want to see her groaning like a whore as a pair of bulky men take turns on all three of her holes!

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>mfw Megumin was poised to win the Kaz Bowl
>mfw Dorkness is actually in the lead now


Hedonistic is literally all about getting pleasure, whether that's physical or mental. Most people assume this means your character is getting dicked or doing the dicking, but it can also mean they love their wine, or enjoys feather beds and silk sheets over a bedroll.

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Golly, thanks Fennec! I was worried I'd get an over-detailed description of various places and things, but that honestly does give me a good overview of Kalsgard and Jol without overemphasizing places I'd want to find out myself.

If you've got the time, could you give me some pointers on Ulfen culture, values, morals or stereotypes? I mean, I want to know if there's more to them than just being Big Tough Scandinavians.

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Have you figured out which RotJR characters your Christmas Cake would want to take a slice?

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Well I mean, if we already know you're rolling for pregnancy, tell us about the character that got a bit of man-juice shoved up them!

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He won't be the only one that's had a taste of Dwarf meat when that campaign is over.

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As expected of country-grown boys!


Anything with +Cha and +Con, aka Aasimar and some types of Tiefling.

Changelings too, as they're explicitly described as hauntingly beautiful.

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Are you sure it isn't supposed to be, "pump and dump?" Because that's what you're supposed to do with high Charisma, low-Wisdom characters.

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>It takes months to make anything decent if you're using RAW and you're not a caster...

It doesn't take long at all if you're an Artisan, or with a DM that does not support cancer.

Heck, grab an Amazing Tool of Manufacture and you can make a suit of masterwork full plate in 1 hour.

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>mfw I've never made a Tiefling with a prehensile tail

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The only reason that meme doesn't make me sad is because Garuda-blooded Aasimar have those, as a rule.

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Silly fighter, don't you see? You don't need a charm spell to woo the cutie patootie magical girl, you just need to bee yourself

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That's funny, I do that dance whenever my character gets hit into the negatives too.

It's odd how I can switch from being invested in a character's well-being to cackling at their cracking bones in maybe two seconds flat. I'm fine with a little suffering, in fact I'm fine with a lot of suffering*.

*Only if the DM brings it up to me first so I can see if it'll work well in the plot - even something cliche like, "I want to mindbreak your fiance and murder your parents" can be played well with a little prep-time!

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>mfw the DM starts indulging her fetishes but it makes sense in the context of the story
>mfw we're literally writing smut that wouldn't be out of place in a filthy fan-fiction and it's wonderful

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Not only will I do these things, I'll even be the big spoon and whisper sweet nothings in your ear as I tenderly palm your stomach!

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>What would the weapon groups be

Natural, Close, Blade (Light), Thrown and Spears.

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I can be your Chrom tonight, anon.

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>the PLAYER needs to be a cute girl.

Nigga I'll be whatever you want.

Cute girl, cute boy, airship with biplane hangers, whatever.

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He's the same glorious bastard we know and love, I'd actually be disappointed if he became "noble" or "magnanimous" or something.

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