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May god have mercy on my soul for what I am about to do.
>Cthulhu and Shub-Niggurath in Around the World in Eighty Lays.

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I had a boros deck. It was shit. I got to sit there like pic related all game because I couldn't dig for answers.

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>Another pacyoa.

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It would end up like the crank movies. Only instead of doing crazy shit to keep your heart going, you are doing it to keep yourself from getting sad

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probably the 'halfling divination wizard with lucky feat' meme.

DM is pic related.

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I already have a picky titan and it only likes pyromaniacs.

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Forever DM here. I think it can be genuinely hard to run a noblebright campaign. I've been trying for a long time but mostly I end up with nobledark.

I don't murder everyone the party loves, and most NPCs not directly tied to conflict are pretty safe. But because most of the interesting things that happen are conflict, it can be easy to accidentally darken a setting, and I think some DMs get way too carried away with it, and that's how we get crapsack worlds of that order.

My most recent campaign is literally Praise The Sun land, with a Good Guy Empire as the largest political power, the sun never sets, undead are super rare and unusual, demons rarely make it past the Southern border of the Empire, etc. Most enemies are just jerkass humans. And not even the rape happy sort.

but I also seem to have accidentally turned the political scene into a fucking handgrenade and world war 3 is a legit possibility depending on party actions. One city has already been utterly destroyed. I'm really bad at noblebright.

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>Dark Heresy Campaign
>Power Rangers theme starts playing

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Half the current Onyx Path writers really like to have cybersex. Whatever I change it to, they'll just find out if I post it to /erpg/, so it's not like it matters. It's less that my name is connected and more that I've got people putting in all this effort to annoy me. Despite what people seem to think, I *don't* actually like it when threads derail and become shitposting about me.
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pic related

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Just say the word and I will gladly show you how bad drunk writing can be even when it's way too late to start.

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So I had a couple days to plan for this campaign, and I designed a small area of the world with a smallish city that they lived in close to a much larger provincial capitol. Their city was on a frontier, and originally the plot hook I'd dropped was for them to see the local magistrate for work.

But then That Guy suggested they just fucking murder him and take his money instead. So they did.

Not to be a spoil sport, I let it happen and I adapted my plan. I'd done enough work to know the important NPCs in the area. I decided that when the news reached the provincial capitol that a powerful cleric from there would come to the smaller frontier city to cast Speak With Dead on the corpse of the magistrate and help solve the murder.

I'm a fair DM, or try to be, so I allowed the party to catch wind of this, assuming they'd flee the city right into the adventure I'd planned.


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as much as I adore HF and anything he will ever run, I just couldn't see Mathilde running off and abandoning her family without being actually allowed too.

Being Mathilde is suffering though and duty doesn't change that yet

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Right. You can't hear or see your allies, and even Therapist isn't responding- either you're too far away, or there's some sorta dimensional fuckery going on here. You're gonna bank on the latter, not because of any logical thingamajiggy, but because you're absolutely fucked if this weird plane is just too /big/ to traverse.

Time to make a landmark.

More ageless trees die to feed your dwarven avarice, beautiful plants standing tall against the passing of millennia- all cut down in an instant and reduced to naught but baubles. With the wood logs handy, you start crafting a small tower outside your hut, focusing on piercing z-levels rather than making actual floors or walls.

Through it all, all you hear are chirping birds and more wind blowing all over the damn place. It's enough to drive you-

>Urist Twelfthbay cancels construction: Throwing a tantrum.

... oh. Oh, Armok, you're going crazy! You scamper down back to ground level, seething in righteous fury as the familiar rage threatens to overtake your senses. You'd better not wreck everything you'd just built, you know you get REALLY MAD at things and rrrrrrAAAAAAAAAAH-


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>all of the personality descriptions fit me
ha ha ha

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. . . . . . Or murder, Anon.

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>he resigned
i for one welcome our AI overlords

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We'll live.

Though I lament the Bushido like loss of a game that didn't always reward violence for violence sake.

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>dungeon crawl has a few fights and ends with a big one
>time to escape out this shit
>oh no it's a dude with questionable morals that conflict with the party's motivations who was hinted at being Bad News
>he came here to find the same stuff the party did but doesn't know the party is here
>there is plenty of opportunity to sneak out
>here are a few boundaries to work around(i.e. powerful psychic with aura of light, stay out of aura, take cover if it comes near, etc.)
>don't even need to be good at stealth, just make a distraction and run and beat off a few of his goons

>nobody has any ideas what to do
>somebody playing the dumbest character in the party directly attacks the goons to immediately forfeit stealth
>everybody stands and fights
>when bad news dude arrives one of the caster's attacks him with a spell that MAKES COVER THAT BREAKS LINE OF SIGHT

I felt like a fucking AAA studio video game dev. It was just supposed to be a really simple cat and mouse scenario to unwind after the crawl.

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