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There is shitposting going on but some posts aren’t and are valid. Shard does tend go for the highest power level interpretation wherever possible which can cause issues. Like, look back a couple threads ago and see that anons had to talk him out of offering every character’s full abilities from their main franchise in HotS.

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Oh, by the way since I'm a considerate gent. Hiroe is back to writing Black Lagoon. In theory anyway. He released a new chapter in monthly sunday gx. If you've forgotten what the current plot is, Jane is a slutty bitch and cute chink got burned and is being hunted. Rock is trying to be a hard man, but empathised with chink too hard so they made out and are gonna try go out with a bang finding they like living with no bridges so much better than normal life.

Rock 3p with chink and chink.5 when hiroe, I've read your porn. I demand it.

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she does not know the god damn word

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You're a fucking saint is what you are.

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Thad, the client's representative, had a creepy smile on his face the entire time, and asked you out to dinner, rather awkwardly. Then he began talking some crazy stuff about the package being vivisected for research.

Well, if he was fishing for a reaction, he got one. You started threatening him with your SMG.

His employer, a redheaded corp heir named Reginald, walked in on this, and got on Thad's case about taking his meds. Then he offered to show you what was really going on, if you'd take him as a hostage instead.

You're no doctor, but, once you got a good view, the surgery looked like life-saving to you.

After your curiosity was satisfied, you called Concierge, one of the new contacts on your sleek new phone, and got the address for a discrete doctor. The nondescript garage door nestled away in a tangle of back alleys didn't look like much, and the equipment was spartan, but Doc, a cigar-chomping scarred blonde, seemed like a straight shooter. And her assistant, Luke, wasn't as creepy as Thad, even during his blood-covered first impression.

She assured you that you hadn't been chipped, and explained the medical procedures that had saved your life and emptied your bank account.

Then you got a call from the Red Queen, inviting you to dine with her in a downtown penthouse. The high-class parking garage is probably the most secure place you've left your bike recently.

You were reunited with Phillip in the elevator on the way up. He's wearing a suit now, and working for Nicole. You tried to talk some sense to him, but he wasn't having any of it, and you settled for being gently supportive. And a hug.

Concierge met you at the top, and escorted you to a room where Nicole and Alexis Arnweald, the Red Queen, were finishing their discussion. More chess metaphors, and you self-identified as a knight, if you had to be a piece.

Nicole and Phil left. You showered and picked out something dressy casual from the closet.

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the fuck you say!?

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for you

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Walking through the mural, you notice a set of initials scrawled inside a wing feather. Maybe the same as the ones on the bank's mural. You didn't pay enough attention to remember.

The doors lead into a small hall, lit by a single florescent fixture, with a gurney parked against one wall, next to a locker labelled 'cleaning supplies'. There's another set of double doors in front of you, but there's an open single door to your left, opposite the gurney.

"Come in," the woman's husky voice says from within, "and you can shut the door after you."

You step into the small office, pulling the door closed behind you. The box-like room is lit by a single low-watt bulb, set naked in the ceiling.

Hell, the doctor's cigar throws almost as much light as the bulb.

She's taking a pull as you enter, the red end illuminating her face. Most of it's beautiful, fine features framed by long, blonde hair.

But there's a horrible burn scar down the right side, disappearing into her collar. You can only imagine how far down it goes.

"Siddown," she says, blowing a cloud of smoke to the side. It hangs in the air, further obscuring the medical license hanging on the wall behind her, the glass face of the frame shattered by a vicious blow that makes the name unreadable.

"I'm Doc," she says, leaning forward and looking at you sharply, "now, what can I do for you? You're in better shape than most people I see leaving here already."

>What were you two doing back here?
>How'd you get that burn?
>I just need a check up
>What happened to your medical license?
>What's with your assistant?
>Write In

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both of you are bitches!

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nothing as long as no one finds out about it!

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you are a lost cause! I hope the Russians take you in the night!

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Look boys and girls Mr No fun!

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can't scare me fucker!

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>Ask Suzaku what the hell is going on anyway.

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