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What are you even doing on /tg/ ?!

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>all these tyranid players complaining why people think their base is obnoxious and disliked
>the last three threads are them bragging about chaos adaptation and poking Carnac/chaosfags with a stick
>and also loudly asserting how much better than other armies/lore they are and how they already won
Non-humans (loyalist) were a mistake

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Well kill yourself, turbautist. And step on a bunch of legos before ending your life.

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Had a guy tonight try to say you can't target a character because he isn't closest even though the closest unit was out of line of sight. So I can't shoot anyone.

Also, it wasn't a character, it was an elite....

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I walked into work one monday and found out the store was closing.
Had no idea, wasn't some shitty lacky in the store.
I didn't lose credit because I tended to spend it, I never preordered because I'm not a bitch and I was at that store more than 5 days a week.

Now get the fuck out of this thread and come back when you know even the smallest about what you are fucking talking about, you fucking autism spouting fanboy

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