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>How did this spell come to nestle in her brain?
You forgot to ask for >>52442371, but bearing in mind >>52443079:
Joe claims the spell "fell from the sky" while she was visiting the city, and swears she knows the exact constellation it fell off.
Passersby claim she was struck by inspiration after being struck by shit throw out the window of the inn.

In other news, the inn-keeper recently came down with a curse!
He flamboyantly looks anything he means to touch or use before he can take action.
An Orthodox Wizard in town prescribed a cure: To go about a daily routine, from wake to sleep, without opening their eyes.
The inn-keeper gave up after four failed attempts.

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In the middle of the battle the walls of a potion store, the Abraca-pothecary, are blown open. Many potion bottles are broken and some mix causing odd effects.

A nearby captain orders the PCs to put the remaining potions into a catapult and fire at the enemy.

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Cursed magical barrels

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Anybody got random Magical effect tables? I've looked at the ones in FATAL but I don't want to use those for my games.

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