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Feel free to ignore my posts if you can't refute what I'm saying.

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I've been slowly getting foils for my Avacyn deck. its almost all foiled out aside from lands which I dont really care about.

r8 no h8

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Then take that image from that angel token as an example instead, or, Hell, the ending of original Innistrad.
It's true that I'm not actually very familiar with the story of Akroma: it was just the first heroic-looking angel image I found in my MtG folder. And it does look heroic, after all: look at that nasty orc looking guy at far left. HE certainly isn't being portrayed as heroic. It's also worth noting that "antagonist" != "villain."
What about Serra? What about the angels of Bant? Saying that we'll "never" see valiant angels fighting evil in Magic is just factually incorrect, because we've had them before. And honestly? We're going to see them again. Have ye no faith?

I'll admit they don't often have the best luck. But that seems to me to be a flaw of this kind of continuous storyline structure more than intent: strong good guys, if allowed to remain both strong and good, become a liability in terms of storytelling. Think about it: if they remain good, obviously they won't usually instigate conflicts, and if they remain strong, the writers have to work uphill to make villains appear threatening.

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They seem to be looking to turn men into futa, actually. Personally I prefer my angels pure.

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