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How does this look?
>Jump 10: Rome TV Series (+1000 cp)
Name: Gaius Vibius Pansa Caetronianus
Faction: Rome
Class: Legionaire
>Perks (1400 cp)
Soles of the Empire (free)
Fortune’s Pet (100)
Empires and Legacy (200)
Sweaty Subsistence (100)
Stoic Sufferance (100)
Evocatus (free)
Rank and Flank (150)
We Understand Each Other (300)
Classical Studies: Religion (100)
Classical Studies: Law (50)
Superb Strategy (300)
>Companions (0 cp)
Friend: Aulus Hirtius- (free)
>Items (200 cp)
Wardrobe (free)
Sesterii (free)
Aquila (200)
>Drawbacks (+600 cp)
Nerd. Neeerd. Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeerd. (0)
A-gauling Ambition (0)
Memento Homo (+200)
Et Tu, Comes? (+400)
>Final CP 1600/1600

>tfw you made your entire build just to slightly emulate history and create the set-up for a multiversal Gaius and Aulus joke/subversion

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Roman Jumper back. Will go with Jumper Gaius and his friend Aulus.
In case you guys are curious about how this story is going to progress:
Gaius and Aulis will start as friend at the beginning of the Rome TV jump as the first jump, but will gradually start to drift apart as they grow up and disagree on things. Eventually there will be a falling out and the two of them will split and become embittered rivals as Gaius sides with Marcus Antonius and Aulus sides with Octavian
As the chain goes on Aulus will keep returning to antagonize Gaius, until eventually several Jumps in the two of them will mend things and become friends again and Aulus becomes a companion
Speaking of which
Anyone recommend any good Jumps with rival options/drawbacks?

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Most I've ever run for was six. It went not so well, but that was mostly to do with player mindset than the numbers themselves. The biggest issue was that the ones who read the rules and thus actually knew how to play were the quiet ones who weren't proactive, while the ones who wanted the spotlight were also the ones who didn't even have their character sheets properly filled in after a week with the rulebook. There was also a real lack of team thinking. It was 'me and these player-controlled NPCs' instead of 'us'.

On the other hand, the smallest I've run was two players and it was fucking awesome because they played off each other, and since they had so many hirelings, it was almost like Gaius and Aulus and their mercenary company dungeon diving. Pure kino.

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Can it be TWO Romans?

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Found it

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>stop the BBEG and become bbfs with him

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Someone pick a theme from this, and make an HFY out of it, or a story where some ayy xenohistorian comes across both this and good ol' "Halfdan was here"

I wanna see the ayys react to the true and timeless essence of humanity.

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Truly the nature of man is immutable throughout the ages.

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/his/torian here. Sounds good, as long as we get to plunge our chiseled marble cocks into your boipuccis by the end of the night, in true Greco fashion.

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>Reminder that you and your Partisan bros will never conquer barbarian tribes and lands for the Glory of Rome.

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I have a high tolerance of those kind of jokes. Pic related is source of inspiration.

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Errant Bro here. I finally have a name for my KE. Pic related.
Stop. Just stop.

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Really makes you feel close to the Romans, doesn't it? Puts a human, albeit autistic, face on these distant ancestors.

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>tfw you will never be Gaius

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"Hey, what does that station thing do? And don't be smart asses about it either."
Barracuda says while pointing out the Sludge recharge station.

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>you will never have a friendship that will last millennia

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I fucking love you

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tldr: Man doesn't change and neither does graffiti.


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Secundus defecated here

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