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>players complete 80% of a mystery quest
>figure everything out, find out the big cheese, who they know is a pretty powerful character, is stationed in the basement of a tower they've been working through
>clear almost all of it out
>get to the final stairs that lead to him
>decide they're too weak and head back to town to long rest, deciding he'll stay put and they'll deal with him tomorrow
>mfw there's no way he doesn't just book it now that his hideout has been trashed, his minions slain, and views the party as a formidable force
They seem convinced they're going to come back and he's still going to be there when he comes back, and I can't find a single reason to keep him there. It's super anticlimactic to come back to the very end of the quest and I simply say there's evidence that he took everything he had stashed and left in the several hours they were gone, but what villain is stupid enough to stay there in that spot? Or even leave meaningful traces of his exodus with that much time to leave?

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>deathwatch watch master completely gone from online store


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What the fuck

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I mean, wurmcoil is better (and also it's a wurm so it's better) but I still like it, and then you make a bunch of them with encore.

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>Anon asks if Eathblood is any good here >>74793218
>"its really good! I was in the beta and looks like its coming along really well. Not like Earthblood, that seems like it'll be jank trash"

Umm, I think you got confused and mentally replaced WtA; Earthblood (which >>74793218 was asking about) with WtA: Heart of the Forest

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Why are you guys getting mad? The set looks okay, right now. The party mechanic, while kinda underwhelming, indirectly gives support to some tribes that were lacking support for some time like Clerics and Rogues. The land mechanics look nice, without being busted, and there are no Eldrazis. Nothing fantastic, but also not the "pile of garbage" that you guys are saying.

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>People's Republic of California
>led by the leaders of silicon valley, Hollywood, and media
>socialist goals

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Am I the only one playing modern who actually likes new cards shaking things up? Playing against stock list tron/jund/burn/uw control for eternity sounds like hell.

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DMing question for you guys.
> players are in mine with flammable vapors that can explode them if lit
> they avoid lighting fires or using fire spells to not get exploded
> later in fight, player uses a lightning spell
> google "does electricity ignite vapors" -> yes -> OK
> accidentally ignites vapors and giant explosion nearly kills the whole party
> saves made, damage rolled
> party goes from 80% to like 20%

The actual situation is hilarious, but I'm wondering now if I should let him take it back? We had to stop right after the action was resolved on his turn because something else came up.

He casted lightning with the intention of avoiding an explosion, but didn't realize lightning would also cause a fire. I would normally have warned him beforehand, but I didn't actually think about lightning being something that would cause a fire until he used it.

So now I'm wondering, since I didn't give him a warning it would happen, whether I should retcon it, since he feels shitty for almost killing the party from his mistake.

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>True sargonite
>No blood magic

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>The body doesn't exist

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Why do you faggots keep biting the extremely obvious bait?

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>a game where people just try to have fun. People crack jokes, try to suplex direwolves, dick around and fuck prostitutes, while the DM/GM rolls with whatever and allows the player characters to be heroic.
>a serious game driven by plot and drama. World is a bit dark and gritty and players are expected to be serious when the time calls for it. Doing silly antics can have consequences.

Which do you prefer?

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Why are you guys not talking about shadespire in AoS general threads? I mean I'm okay with separate threads but why?

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What is the best way to buy into MTGO? I want to play Legacy and Vintage on there and don't want to buy a full deck inefficiently.

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>Horns mean your a murderer

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>After the bone pit incident I alow him to bring in the wizard he had on reserve
>He introduces himself by saying he came here because he "sensed a great evil" and the told everybody what race he was two times
>He didn't even get that right claiming that he was half-dragon and half-human despite being a lizard man
>The party tears through the catacombs with relative ease with that guy playing a surprisingly competant wizard
>After they defeat the wraith the party wonders around a lkttle and finds a hidden treasure room with a stupid joke item in it
>A sub sandwich with horns and a tail
>The Broodwich from Aqua Teen Hunger Force
>It functions the exact same way as it did in the show complete with cackling devil voice
>Party fighter catches on and puts the whole thing in his mouth just to see if it works the same way
>Describe how it takes him to an odd empty world full of hostile creatures with axes
>He spits it out and tells the party what happened
>The devil voice fails to convice them to eat the sandwich and tells them that they win a prize for resisting the temptation of the Broodwich
>A portal opens up and the voice say that they won "Free brain surgery!"
>Party laughs and declines
>That guy stops them
>"Wait, what if it increases our wisdom?"
>Jumps in portal
>Gets lobotomized
>Comes back out of the portal and eats the sandwich
>Dissapears never to be seen again

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>4544 ▶
>Smartphone Isekai is pretty good :^)

What are you talking about?

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>Trumpers as a whole
>Coherent ideology

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>kieva bat?
Pardon? I've been marathoning shows today so maybe I just can't read.

You know it nigga.

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Being a jumper is about waifuing everything

Didn't ya know?

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>what do i do about the wiz that keeps useing black tenticle on everyhing?
>we made an agreement that he can only use that spell every other session to make it more fair

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Are all primaris marines the size of an average Primarchs?
I remember the smallest ones Alpharius and Omegon being barely larger than an average marine, while others like the lion should be about one head taller than most marines
That seems to be roughly the same size primaris are going for as well

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Tell me about the character you found the most fun to play, /pfg/. Be it gameplay or roleplay-wise.

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