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No. Bad anon.

Go to the corner and think about what you've done.

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One weird thing I see a lot is that Canadians on the internet seem to consider themselves as a separate ethnic group.

If you even reference the fact that they're just white people who live slightly further north than other white people, they tend to get super-butthurt about it.

I remember a while back some guy tried to make a BCC thread on /hc/, and when people just told him to go to the BWC thread that was up at the time, he sperged out with a massive speech about how canucks were genetically superior to whites, then started posting a bunch of pics like the one in >>38071898.

And it's only on the internet. IRL, every canadian I meet is polite, friendly, and apologizes way too much.

Do they just not issue passports to the insane canuck supremacy groups to avoid ruining their country's reputation, or is the whole thing just a bunch of cuckold Americans making shit up to avoid the interracial that comes up when you look for normal cucking porn?

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You have chosen wisely.

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