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>But, look, even if Red's recent string of garden-variety mad science projects has caused her to surpass me to the point that we are no longer truly comparable
You're quitting? I thought we had something. You were going on and on about the crazy shit you do and then... this.

I feel alone.

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I've always been the responsible one. I just didn't say whether the body would be on its own of it I would put someone in it. But at the same time, it's still too cool not to do.

DamnitI'mnotagodI'mnotagodI'mnotagodI'mnotagodI'mnotagod. I pick some of that stuff for curiosity's sake and to study what I could do, yes... but pretty sure I'm not a god? Maybe?

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I'll be frank. It could use some work.

You're offering weapons that can "cut anything" for 300CP or FREE, giving strength perks enough to "break a concrete bridge with a punch" again, for FREE. Not to mention it really feels like you're forcing people to pick a supernatural gig (which again, gives horribly bullshit things), when it's much better to go with a background choice like:


All while keeping the supernatural race options separate so people aren't forced in. Yeah it's a big part of the setting, but notice how it isn't the ONLY part. Plus >>39810444 more or less sums up a lot of things.

Honestly, it could really, really use some work.

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Jumpers! I have a question for you.

We've talked about mottos, battle themes, even the speech when we want to unleash the asskicking... but what about the times you want to show mercy? When you find something out about the enemy, or feel like it crosses a line to strike them.

When do you show kindness to those who would strike you?

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This... ...soooooort of sums it up. No interest in romance, try not to pick up companions due to KNOWING I'd end up neglecting them, but the amount of appearance perks I've stacked on means people keep trying and trying, all in vain. And I never even bother to go beyond being a friend because I literally don't have the mental wiring that makes a relationship desirable.

It's a horribly vicious situation. That or I'm just so vain and love the idea of being amazing that I barely even notice how many hearts are destroyed in my wake...

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Leave her behind.

Her role in Light of Terra for me is as a coalmine canary. If I can't get rid of her, I'll utilize her in the most non-interacting method I can muster. Trying to take her advice seems very unwise, and likewise if she doesn't want to go six feet away from me then she's going to pull her weight whether she wants to or not.

After the jump is over and I've paid my proper respects to Hooligan (which I still kind of feel guilty over), I take off. To attempt to kill Cultist-Chan one last time or eradicate her means the Chaos Gods have the last laugh. For Hooligan's sake, that will not happen.

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Yep! It's discounted from the points. I subtract it. 1000-600 = 400.

>not wanting to be a glorious amazonian giant who towers over anyone else, making everyone jealous of you just by existing
It is this difference which I think is the greatest between us.

...oh sweet word what.

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