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Make Battlesuits BS3+
Nerf Savior Protocols
Rework Markerlights
Relegate FTGG to Tau Sept
Bring back JSJ
Expand Auxiliaries

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These Biggass dudes in the background here are the size of mountains desu. Though given how light they are in lore they probably wouldn't shatter mountains, due to their hollow bone structure and psionic lightness.

They are nonetheless however in the right size scale. Keep in mind all those jumping tau they completely dwarf are 12 foot tall battlesuits, and that puts these boys at substantially above Godzilla scale.

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Tau are cool edition

>War of the Spider PDF:

>RIP Overwatch:

>The Models of Indomitus

>Warhammer Tip of the Day:

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>3rd Party Pastebin:
https://pastebin.com/XHFCunAZ (embed)

>Book Megas (Don't share these, cunts):

>Previous Thread: >>73358143

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Tell me more about Tau. Are they good for casual play? How do you think their codex will change them?

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>How ironic it is that as fast as we spread progress and hope throughout the galaxy, the Tyranids spread death and despair. Only united can we hope to stand against them.

-Aun'shi of the Tau Empire


>An isolated tendril of the Kraken reaches towards the T’au sept world of Dal’yth, a prosperous trading hub frequented by countless alien races. Water caste diplomats make earnest pleas to their trading partners, imploring them to lend their naval strength to a coalition armada that will intercept the Tyranid menace. This fleet sails forth, and is almost entirely destroyed. Fortunately, the T’au’s own losses are comparatively minimal, and precious time is bought for Dal’yth to ready its defences.

T'au once again prove that they are the good guys. In unity lays the true defeat of the Tyranid menace.

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>The Grand Coalition

>An Isolated tendril of Kraken reaches towards the T'au sept world of Dal'yth, a prosperous trading hub frequented by countless aliens races. Water caste make earnest pleas to their trading partners, imploring them to lend their naval strength to a coalition armada that will intercept the Tyranid menace. Their fleet sails forth, and is almost entirely destroyed. Fortunately, the T'au's losses are comparatively minimal, and precious time is bought for Dal'yth to ready its defences.

Not even the might of the Great Devourer can withstand the unity of the Greater Good.

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Canonically this image is of gorgon, even though the scheme looks like kraken. I assumed they were more of a mottled grey with spots, as they are more adaptable.

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not >>55418031
but see pic related

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This and that picture of Vostroyans vs Tau from the Apocalypse book (I think).

Best pic I found of that is this one
If anyone has a better pic, it'd be appreciated if it was posted

Also these

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Okay what if the Tau's lost Fourth Sphere Fleet materialised above Baal and they (with or without Girlyman's crusade) helped the Blood Angels defeat the Tyranid fleet? The Tau and Imperials would forge an alliance afterwards to pacify/cleanse the Dark Imperium.

Would this make it better?

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What about the Tau doe?

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It's grimdark for the imperium because the period has all worlds of the Imperium besieged and war torn. It will last for centuries of suffering and bloodshed.

It's only noblebright for the Tau who are in a Great Crusade mode launching Expansion Sphere after another. With the Imperium ravaged by the Great Rift and its countless enemies, the Tau surely will make massive gains in east and wherever the Fourth Sphere Fleet will materialise in. The Tau have nothing to look forward to but expansion and progress a brighter note than the downer note that was given to them by "Mont'ka" and the Firewall.

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Hive Fleet Gorgon

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How do you think they'll get the Tau, tyranids, necrons and orks Involved with the progressing storyline? So far it's been all imperium+eldar vs Chaos

>inb4 le npc race maymay

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>be me
>getting into 40k as of about this time last year
>entire collection is Start Collecting! Tyranids, 8 Genestealers, a "PROMOTIONS!" finecast broodlord, 2 carnifexes (one being Old One Eye), 16 hormagaunts, possibly some other odds and ends i had lying around, all lovingly painted a garish purple/turquiose/ochre color scheme because didn't know the first thing about how to do color schemes properly
>decide to join small-point local tournament, casual play
>1000 points per player
>3rd or so game into this tourney, 10th or so game of 40k overall
>games took way longer then expected, i'm still waiting for the 2nd round, being when i was supposed to play, getting bored and discouraged.
>finally get into a game, its against one of the regulars, main armies were Eldar and Tau, fielding the latter. normally a nice dude
>his list has 2 riptides
>me, being ignorant of the horror that is riptides, agree to play against him
>only thing i know about tau is they are really shooting-happy
>game starts after a short dispute with my opponent whom thought Genestealers had instinctive behavior
>he has the first turn, im unable to steal initiative
>board has almost no line of sight blocking terrain
>the predictable happens, i'm basically tabled turn 1, except for a single, exceptionally lucky, warrior
>concede for obvious reasons, opponent looks extremely guilty about the whole thing
>didn't play 40k for nearly 2 months after this
>still have not played against tau since
>still only play nids with occasional GSC allies

Have any stories like this from when you first started playing?

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So you think it's fluffy that 40K armies stand in lines mere meters apart and shoot at each other?

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PREVIOUS THREAD: ( >>50077670 )


Just keep this thing alive for fuck's sake!

>Necrons had an outline bashed out last thread, but feel free to add more shit if you need to.
>Write more shit.
>Suggest more shit to write.
>WotB needs more love.
>Sangyfag has pretty much singlehandedly written the Battle of Terra
>Armageddon is a thing because reasons
>WotB needs more love!
>Where are the fucking weebs?
>Where are the fucking bugs?
>C'mon guys, we don't wanna let Hektor Heresy and Imperium Asunder have all the fun

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I wasn't thinking anything with the battlesuits.

What I had in mind was something like the German WW1 soldiers in Sucker Punch that are powered by "steam and clockwork" only the Tau use plasma power and (I dunno) gyros(?) to reanimate the corpses of Fire Warriors. Especially to fight against the Tyranids - no fear and the degraded biomass would be of questionable value to the Hive Mind.

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Are there any formations for the chaos legions besides the Black Legion ones?

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Wich one is your favourite warhammer40k faction?

Vote here! http://www.strawpoll.me/10058025

I know I forgot to add the Adeptus mechanicus, big fail
I am also aware I spelled "Tyranids" worng

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Is there any conceivable way for all (at the very least the most reasonable) the races to fight the Tyranids together? As a combined effort? Obviously this is heresy, but why would GW introduce such a destructive faction if no one race could beat it? Do you think they will write-in some undiscovered superweapon for the IoM? Or perhaps the Eldar create a super-webway portal and escape out of reach of the Tyranids? Discuss your ideas.

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Tau. I got into wh40k after finding dawn of war in a bargain bin, but it was seeing the tau that convinced me to get involved in the tabletop stuff.

I like their mechs and appreciate how they are actually trying to constantly push their technology forward. From a fluff point of view I also like how their combat doctrine works. Go in, kill stuff, take the important bits and leave. I also like to think that they know the greater good stuff is bs and are just proficient students of intergalactic realpolitik, but that's just my headcanon.

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It's sad to say that as a Tau player, but the Tau are doomed from start. Even as the young race they are there's already division (Farsight) and in the massive shitstrom that is 40k "order" can never prevail.

Their only chance is to be persuasive enough for the imperium to join them, but i don't see that happening.

They will expand far enough to be in a constant war in the borders of their realm with the Imperium and nids.
They will lose so many lives, time and energy and all that they will come to hate the technology that only brought them misery and they'll be back to being primitive spiritual people, and their galactic expansion will be tales of legend.

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