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I think this IS a good place for a pause. for one it's Midnight. And for two we did lose quite a few people

I will try to continue in the morning, and if we're not done, I"ll continue in the evening after I am done traveling.

Thanks! Hopefully see you in the morning. If not, see you Thursday.

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Everyone I am beat and power is continuing to surge. I will pick up in the morning but only if the thread exists until then.
If not, I'll re-make tomorrow as a part 2. Thank you for participating.

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I'm going to have to take a break for maybe an hour, something has come up.

I'll be back soon, think of a plan of attack on scouting Fortune! Do you want to:

>Go in the front door!
>Spy on them from a nearby building
>Try just teleporting there, surprise them!
>Ask around town, see what's been happening.

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Everyone, I hate to do this but I gotta get going, next post was almost written but I'm going to miss my ride if I don't leave now.

Thread resumes when I get home. In the meantime, think about this:

>Let's try another weapon
>Which weapon?

>Rifle, It didn't work with Louise, but I have confidence in this.
>A much bigger Axe.
>Swords! You got the right body type
>Bows, not sure why, but I have a sneaking suspicion

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Everyone, it's that time of the day again where I drive home.

There might be a couple stops on the way, but I'll try to get the thread started up again in a few hours. See you then, and think of ways you might think we could make a monster into a human!

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Everyone, it's that time of day again. DRiving home.

Thread resumes when I get there.

Now, on Tuesday, I got home and had no internet. I think it was a freak occurrence but hopefully it won't happen again today on this one year anniversary.

See you soon!

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Everyone, it is time for me to drive home. So that means thread is on hold until I get there.

Maybe more people will show up in the meantime. But until then, see you soon!

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Everyone, I'm having a case of extremely bad timing so I have to drive home right now.

Thread resumes when I get there.

IN the meantime, discuss which one do you think should go, if you have an opinion on it

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With that, I drive home.

Thread reconvenes in a few hours when I get there.

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Everyone I'll be back in an hour.

Until then!

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Everyone, it's that time of day where I drive home.

Thread resumes in a couple hours when I get there. Until then, tell me what you think of everything so far. I love reading your speculation!

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Everyone, I am driving home, so thread will resume when I get there in a couple hours.

Stay tuned until then!

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> 95


Everyone, I'll be afk for about an hour. We'll resume then.

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And with that, I drive home.

Thread resumes in an hour or two!

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And with that, I drive home.

Thread resume in about an hour or so.

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And now I drive home.

Talk to you in a few hours!

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And now I drive home, see you in an hour or so!

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Company came over unexpectedly, give me a few before I get started on next post.


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And with that, I'm going on intermission for a couple of hours.

I'll be back to continue the thread later if it's there. See you soon!

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Something has come up, I'll be back in about an hour or so to continue this thread.

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I'll be back after a short break. In the meantime, think of anything you want to talk about or do before the day ends.

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