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>What's the most reddit army?
Krieg is the ultimate reddit secondary army.

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What's the real reason GW doesn't use plastic Krieg to make a fortune?

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>you will never engage in a suicide charge against enemies of the Emperor

Why even live?

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>what would the perfect human form look like /tg/?
Pic related.

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Karl Kopinski.

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I hate Ogryns too. I like my Imperium fascistic and obsessed with physical and religious purity. Relying on mutants ruins the theme for me. Even in vidya, when I can play Guards, I never chose abhuman units when I can avoid it.

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These abominations will be purged swiftly. The Emperor protects.

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That, son, is the Death Korps of Krieg. A grimdark, WW1-themed regiment of the IG. Sadly, it's FW exclusive and super expensive.

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>mfw I forgot the pic
>mfw my face is hidden behind a gas mask

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>Krieg is supposed to be an artillery heavy faction
>Cadia and Catachan are much better at artyspamming.
A-at least we still have cool uniforms...

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I'm aiming more for a mix of infantry, tanks and cavalry.
My 1500 pts army would have 5 infantry squads, two command squads with +1A flags, 2 HWTs, around 15 flanking Death Riders, a pair of Russes (one of them a TC), a Hellhound and a Basilisk.

Would it be a viable army ?

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Being a worst version of an OP army still makes you a strong force. Also, other IG armies don't have that level of class, and are shit at close range. Krieg isn't a pure downgrade : while its shooting is worse, it's stronger in melee.

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>I find your lack of faith in the Emperor disturbing.

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>Why aren't playing Imperium, heretic ?

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20 Infantrymen or 10 Grenadiers ?

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I beg to differ.

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Is there a better combo for an IG warlord than Master Strategist and Kurov's Aquila ?

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Is there a better combo for an IG warlord than Master Strategist and Kurov's Aquila ?

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FW is the land of aesthetics.

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That's milk, anon.

>A regiment of thugs
>claiming to be the best

Anon, I...

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It's Kriegers, anon.
You'll be part of the first wave in the next bayonet charge.

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>Crazy Ivan thinks he looks better than pic related

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Will the Kriegers ever get warlord traits, relics and stratagems from FW ?

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