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Died as they lived, by the sword.

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I'll try my best!

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High-level gestalt mythic Godslayers campaign, I know there's one coming out right now but I want a quick, filthy campaign where we already start out with all the bells and whistles.

To put it bluntly, I want CharGen that puts my concept as much into "feverish daydream" as "workable character." The kind of CharGen that makes people go, "Oh no way in hell is that DM going to run this campaign," the kind of CharGen that seems more like the ad was put up JUST TO SEE WHAT PEOPLE MAKE.

level 17, gestalt, PB 32, Mythic 5!

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>Most Eoxian ships resemble elaborate bone structures or the corpses of vast creatures

Flying skulls confirmed.

Andross confirmed.

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All I want is an honest attempt at a high-level campaign built around something fairly serious, like the party is a band of Golarion's greatest heroes united to stop planet-ending threats or to protect their respective countries or even continents, or the party is carving through the Abyss in a quest for more power, or... Or something.

Point is, I'm sick and tired of comfy, I want to see Mythic in use, and the only time I want to see "lewd" is when a character just so happens to be sexy as fuck, or characters develop a relationship naturally through continued interaction both in and out of game.

Hidden secondary reason I want Mythic and high-level: I've seen you guys build level 3 characters for months and months and months, I want to see what sort of backstories you people grow with a level 9, 11 or even 13 start, with Mythic to some degree.

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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Landmarks Edition

Have you ever fought a battle so memorable, that the scholars and kings of that realm write about your exploits for the years to come?

If you want build advice make sure to say what 3pp you can use, if any.

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/JTj1yEmU (embed)

Avowed Playtest 1:
Avowed Playtest 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rV7kaF9JL2gw9xQalkEnlEDL9WXtbsaCqNABm_pLIgc/edit?usp=sharing
Malefex Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W3LrE8WyIxxYRr8d9dHsWioeUk_-HZaSMqVWRnzc9Fc/edit?usp=sharing
Legendary Kineticists II Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11_w1o5dSef2tzu2GDLnJKElHY3uyETzuzFHDAjI6P6k/edit?usp=sharing
Spheres of Might preview: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aLaYQEFAWU4zQBx58boJPPaySLgJc0Emmw9eKyIJeGI/

Old Thread: >>51153205

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Nice. I've only done something similar once and it actually turned out well.

>Be me. Playing D&D.
>Be Lawful Good Cleric of Mercy.
>Only Caster/Healer out of the group.
>Normally our Groups DM, but I'm playing in one of my friends games he wanted to try.
>Game starts off good.
>Impressed with player's ability to DM despite being shy normally.
>Soon trouble ensues.
>Group starts mildy murder-hoboing.
>"Heroes" start looking more like villains as we progress.
>Play along, because I can adapt to any role.
>Rp conflicted Cleric losing faith in his party, but continues to assist them thinking their collective effort is still "for the greater good"
>Party continues in a chaotic waltz
>player DM friendo doing good job still, but start to notice he's struggling a wee bit to contain the others, but runs with it.
>Continue to RP the "B-but you guys.." goodie goodie cleric
>Eventually make it towards final destination.
>Find a Temple of an older god
>Secretly discuss alignment shift for my cleric with PlayerDM.


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Hey /tg/, rate my setting:

>In the beginning, there were the Eldritch Powers. Godly engines of force and change. In the bubbling cesspool of reality, life began to take form.
>this form was the Faey.
>The faey are basically elves combined with the magical powers of fairies and the elements.
>They decide that the Eldritch are disgusting, and wage war with them. Creating great titans and using their powers of the elements to combat the abominations sent by the Eldritch.
> They win, and establish themselves as the rulers of the world.
However, their conflict is not over, as they now have to combat the creatures of the world.
>Many artifacts are still left over from that war, such as the massive skeletons of giants and dragons.
> They utilize their immortality to create life, and in turn make humans, dwarves, and elves.
> Dwarves are fashioned as hard workers and tradesmen, to shape the lands in the view of the Faey
> Humans are meant to be soldiers, sailors, and scholars, as well as being the jack of all trades.
>Elves are sent as holy-figures, to deliver the words of the Faey, and rule over the lower class.

Also, Daemonic Entities begin to form. They are fueled by all of humanity’s collective vice and violence.

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I need pictures! Pictures of dead giants!
Dragons, monsters and even gods at some point die. What happens with their remains? They become an amazing part of the fantasy landscape!

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What it says on the tin. Write a complete adventure using only five words, anons!

>Orc wedding party raids town
>Bard captures hearts, steals minds
>Sheep disappear, werewolf shepherd blamed

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Are any of these useful?

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Yeah, these threads rarely sees enough traffic for separate threads to be neccesary.

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