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That is what I'd do if I was collecting GSC.

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You know how I would have done Cawl? More like Kane. I would have had him be this mysterious figure who took over a project Guilliman set up 10k years ago, that Guilliman had never met since the founders of the project had all died of old age and you've just got this guy who claims he was recruited by them right after Guilliman left the stage.

I'd have had the "Primaris Project" have been just a long-term R&D project to develop weapons and equipment for the Astartes, only for Guilliman to return and have this genius called Cawl, apparently thousands of years old, who has not only delivered on that mission and then some, but also has created huge numbers of his own brand of "improved" Astartes that Guilliman never asked for but none the less needs for his crusade.

Then I'd have had Cawl become this divisive figure in the Imperium, on one hand using Guilliman's sanction to shelter from his enemies in the AdMech but on the other hand quite clearly building up his own power base within the Imperium, but too vital for Guilliman to remove.

Keep tons of mystery like Kane has, and have him not just be a benign genius who creates toys for Guilliman purely for the joy of creation, but someone who quite clearly values power above all else.

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Kane would thrive in 40k too.

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