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Staaa----------------aaare. Also, what the frak happened?

Fight the power!

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I was planning on having you guys roll 3d10 to determine the number, actually.
If you run into canon characters, though, it'll be minor stuff, like meeting Accelerator at the store and chastising him for drinking so much coffee/not doing his homework.
Or running into Stiyl and having another character wonder aloud if the two of you are related or something.
Or running into Kongou and realizing that your life is but an empty shell, devoid of best girl.

I'm kidding, of course.

I'd never tease you like that.

We'll never meet Kongou-sama.

Maybe someday I'll run a one-shot with a canon character as the MC.
>Accelerator Quest! What do?
>>buy coffee
>>be grumpy
>>buy more coffee

>Kuroko Quest! What do?
>>unrequited love
>>never get a straight answer out of you waifu
>>NTR central

And, now that I've vented those terrible ideas, we won't have to worry about them ever again!

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