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>playing GURPS
> futuristic U.S. in Civil War
> split TL between 10 and 7
> stuff like gauss guns and spaceships exist but most people don't have them
> characters are genetically engineered humans, part of a special forces program that was basically discontinued
> now they live in basic poverty in a barely-funded program
> war between two countries, old california and sonora, has just started
> characters already had one successful mission to stop genetically engineered creatures last session
> old california returns funding to the program
> today their mission was to capture a warlord who was meeting with the sonorans to discuss a possible alliance
> they sneak in with captured uniforms
> pretend to be sonoran soldiers coming to warn the base of an attempt to kidnap the warlord
> the fact that they know the warlord is there (was supposed to be a secret meeting) gives their story weight
> they barely pass polygraph tests
> colonel decides to evacuate warlord
> guard (Jerry) leads them to mess hall to give them a snack and a drink
> they slip something into his drink so he passes out, they make it look like he drank too much
> use programs to hack locks and take control of the compound
> can't hack through one door to get to warlord
> find out there is a hard terminal in one of the labs that should give them access
> go there
> find mutant bug creatures being bred
> scientist shows them kittens with tentacles meant to be prototype warbeasts
> one character has quirks "like kittens" "hates people who hurts kittens"
> scientist pokes kitten with needle to inject it with weird hyperaggression drug
> character fails self-control check
> "I punch her in the face"

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