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>2) a misguided drow fetish

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>fantasy china realize they're not stuck between fantasy germany and fantasy japan

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>made a Solar grappler recently
>no one else can fight
>they're all also relatively new to the game
>I'm mostly new-ish to 3E
>GM is also new to the game
>absolutely dreading the day I have to fight multiple essence users

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Hmmm looks interesting

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>mfw I haven't heard anything about my SS delivery and there's been reports of people burgling packages in the next neighborhood over.

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The fuck? Well, I guess I should expect something that sounds like some kind of drug addled gibbering from the person who wrote SMA and the Fae book in 1E.

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Yah, I'll pa- pass.

I mean It's not like I'm incompetent enough or PFFT SCARed to ge- get the fairies out of the tree.
I'm just, I'm just too uh, professional to do IT, yeah.


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>mfw i have gotten really attached to my character in wfrp 2e

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Can Deathwatch termies take cyclone missile launcher aswell as thunder hammer/storm shields?

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>I'm not saying he's a bad painter at all! And you do bring up some extremely valid points. I'm just saying that they look like Iron Warriors.
He does have to come to terms that his Fists do look like Iron Warrior. Hell, anything Unpainted Power Armour will sort of look like Iron Warriors, who in turn look like the early grey legions, a phase the other legions grew out of.
Unless they're Death Guard, whose Bare Ceramite turns out is "not like your regular ceramite".
mfw I downloaded Prisma after seeing Knight Anon's pic.

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Feel like giving >>48581556
a shot, friend?

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At least try, anon, this isn't the minor leagues.

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>You did make your Coils list not dependent on taking infiltrate, right?
I don't dare picking Aloha Legion because I can't think of a list that doesnt abuse Infiltrate, and for such thing I'd better go RG, which infilrated aaand gets FC among other things.
Tank Hunter Laser Destroyers? Sounds good tho

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>those thighs

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>finally find people to play with
>choose sorcerer because I get to be a fucking dragon thing
>completely sucks, can't do shit but throw darts that miss all the time
>get to third level from piggybacking
>get Breath Weapon
>once per day? ya ok kid whatever
>use it when ambushed and I'm in the front of the group
>mfw 9 damage to everything
Holy shit this makes up for being almost completely useless outside of Arcane Missile and Identify worth it

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>Playing a session about a half of a year real time into Pathfinder. Homebrew.
>I'm a elven sorcerer, party is a vishkanya rogue, elven oracle, half-orc fighter, and a human ranger.
>Asked to travel out into the woods to figure out why the local wildlife is so scarce around a village.
>Stumble upon a battle between a barbaric tribe and a clan or orcs.
>Utter chaos ensues.
>The Oracle and I are doing what we can from afar, but get flanked by a charging orc.
>Oracle gets in big trouble due to their curse (don't recall what it was), but is saved by a muscled barbarian woman with a massive axe. She's easily 7-8 feet tall and looks like she's about as built as a MMA fighter.
>Mfw barbarian picks up Oracle bridle style and carries her to safety, right next to me.
>DM doesn't know that I not only prefer size difference but also like being the smol caster with the big protective fighter type.

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How does battle brothers and vehicles work?

Can you put space marines in chimeras?

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harass unit*

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A still open Radio Shack, fully stocked.
A yandere Leeman Russ tank.
Morlock disco.
A sun whose fires were put out by its crying.
A vast grey waste upon which Human Resources departments fight an interminable war over how to fuck over employees.
A sea of tomato sauce
A living moving metal goblet that drinks the fluids out of people
A guitar that gently weeps
An unspeakable purple haze
A library stocking only issues of Reader's Digest and People Magazine, but whose librarians are no less arrogant than normal
Sesame Street
A wardrobe that, if one were to travel through it, past the old musty smelling brown coats it's filled with, they would find contains a portal to a magical snow covered world in which... actually never mind it's just toronto
A sign saying "welcome to New Jersey"
A time machine to the year "nineteen-ninety-eleven"
A nieve Shadow
A worn pair of female undergarments with both red and brown stains on it. If disturbed, the undergarments will take flight and disappear deeper into the dark recesses of the earth.
A society of BRIAN BLESSED
A society of Donald Trumps
The End
A new beginning.
Two children's sized shoes (both for left feet) with claw marks on the inside.
A room filled with shelves. Each shelf is filled with eyes. Each eye is filled with regrets.
Jon Stewart, masturbating
a laptop with 20% of its charge left and with this thread open and a half finished reply on its screen

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Y-y-yeah, i totally posted the w-wrong name
How can you fuckers tell these ships apart
But is it a good Navy 500 point list?

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>Red Knight and Berserker Knight in the same vicinity

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