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They certainly hurt Magnus and his men.

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Sons & Wolves Edition

>Pre-Orders of Space Wolves and Death Watch Boxes:


>Death Watch Crusade Rules:

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What's the most mechanically opposite army from TS?
>in b4 SW
No, seriously, I mean mechanically opposite. I don't want to be killed by the same thing losing to the same enemy strats/list comp, I want something as a backup to play so I'm not stuck playing a shitty army every other edition.

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Speaking about the Wolves, what the fuck is the Wolf Spirit of Fenris?

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>I have witnessed these warriors fight tooth and nail. No, they have not yet torn the throat from a cave bear or fought through Asaheim’s storms. But in their hearts is the ice-fire blood of the Wolf King! We will show these brothers what it means to fight and die for Fenris. Or would you rather turn our kin away – OUR KIN – and have them taught to march and parade with polished arms for Macragge’s honour?’

-Logan Grimnir on the new Primaris Space Wolves

Is this heartwarning or cringe?

Anyway, I just read Blood of Baal and the Space Wolf lore from todays WD.

It says that Cawl's Primaris gene is the truest genetic legacy of the Primarchs. It's the purest geneseed. Where did Cawl get it?

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> Even the world spirit of Fenris itself was almost polluted by the machinations of the Crimson King. Magnus the Red slew many of those who stood against him


Confirmation that Fenris indeed has a soul!

The Space Wolves were right.

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Can anyone explain the Spirits of Fenris? What are they?

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What's the Imperium's opinion of the Space Wolves special powers and the spirits and gods they worship?

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>Chainswords are free this edition
>We'll get counter attack which will allow us to ASF
>We'll get buffs and strategems
>Buffed psyker powers
>Frost weapons will cause mortal wounds instead of their normal D values on a roll of 6
Wolf time motherfuckers

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It's bone and rune reading. The power of Fenris is used, not the power of the Warp.

Magnus and his spawn throw their minds into the corrupting tides of the Warp and commune with the daemons there.

The Woof method is pure. The Sons is not.

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So many people. Little taste.

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Just read the Crimson King and it made scratch my head.

The Space Wolves summoned powers that were more than match for the Thousand Sons sorcery. Powerful icy winds smashed into the Thousands Sons sending their reeling. Spiritual wolves leapt at the Thousand Sons tearing their warp shields and savaging them.

Its said that this power comes from Fenris and from within those who are connected to the planet. It's a an awesome power that rivals anything that the Thousand Sons can marshal, and its a power that the Thousand Sons will never understand or harness.

So my questions is...what exactly is the power of Fenris? The people of Fenris believe that this power is divorced from the corruption that is the Warp, that it's a primal and pure power from resonates from Fenris's world soul which happens to be manifest in the form of a giant wolf. Is it true? Is there more worlds like Fenris or is Fenris unique?

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You are reading in a library when sudden you hear a howling and then the walls explode revealing rampaging woofs.

Wat do.

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