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You look at the scene your sister and your girlfriend's sister are making there on the floor, then turn to Mato and gesture to the door. 'Let's skedaddle,' you tell her, communicating in the hand-signals you invented just before fighting that giant robot.

Mato nods and signals, 'Ten-four, mi amor. Where to next?'

The two of you quietly take your leave as you contemplate your answer.

It's a good question, really, if a bit unnecessary.

Mato has the phone numbers of just about anyone you could want to visit, so finding someone will be as easy as calling and asking where they are.

So... where are you headed?

>The office! It's been too long since you've done your job, and there seems to be a lack of Tau activity at the moment! (Mami and the Twins)
>To see what your wizard friend/fellow red-haired comrade is up to! (Kyouko, Chariot, and Sayaka)
>Fate's 'hideout!' You're worried about her after telling Precia the truth! (Fate, Mokarin, and Minami)
>To the lab where Project Sol Aeternam is researched or whatever! (Steve, I guess? Also loads of nerds)
>To the Sororitas! Meeting up with them will probably boost their morale, if nothing else! (SoBs, their Battle-Brother, and Strength)
>Somewhere else? (Write-in! [And make it a good one! I had to dig through a lot of notes to get this stuff re-solidified in my head, I'll have you know!])

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You are Akari Takamichi, the best Pyrokineticist this side of the City (or the other side of the city, for that matter), and you're dressed as a crazy-evil princess of fire and stuff. But that's not important right now. What is important is that, after having turned some 'heat-resistant' panels into slag, you've lost track of your wi- err, girlfriend.

She must've wandered off. You can't really blame her. Testarossa's warehouse is huge, and full of all manner of interesting things and people.

Also, you were in there for quite awhile. She might have gone to the bathroom or something.

What's your methodology for finding Mato?

>Just wander about. You'll run into her eventually.
>Check the little girls' room.
>Ask some nerds if they've seen her.
>Something else? (Write-in!)

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You might as well have a little fun with it, right?

The only question is... what do you want to try for?

The possibilities are endless!

Well, maybe. You suppose they're only as endless as your imagination and your ability to apply it to your powers, but, hey, things like that are just technicalities.

Er, anyways- what'll you try for?

>A continuous stream. Just like you used to do with that pathetic excuse for fire you used to toss around.
>More fire per... uh... fire. If you can't saturate everything in at least a 60 degree arc in front of you in burnination and fire, then there's no point to anything, is there?
>Precision. You should be able to put tiny holes in things, should you so desire.
>Control. Pyrokinesis is what you do. But you've never done much with the whole 'telekinesis that applies only to fire' area of that. Also, 'firebending' would go really well with the costume.
>Utility. Propulsion, cooking, and, uh... there's probably other stuff you can do with your fire, too. You just can't think of 'em right now!
>Something else? (Write-in!)

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[I...] You find yourself trailing off without meaning to. [Yeah. Yeah, it was.]

The Eye thrums and bobs up and down. [Good. I am glad that I was able to render assistance.]

You nod.

You're glad, too.

You thank the Eye, and, after regarding you for a moment or two longer, it floats off.

The Eye had a good point, but...

You can't help but feel like...

>like... you /are/ fire.
>like... fire is an integral part of you. Like your muscles or your bones.
>like... fire... destruction... they're just part of who you are. They're in your very nature.
>like... fire isn't actually what your abilities are all about.
>like... you're perfectly in control.
>like... something else? (Write-in!)

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“- I'd recommend charging for fifteen or so minutes a day,” says the small, orange-haired girl that Precia Testarossa has become, “else it'll be, like, six hours once a week, and that'd suck.”

You nod thoughtfully. You can deal with that, you think.

YOU are Akari Takamichi, and... this Psi-amp thing sounds pretty sweet.

Still, it wouldn't feel right to make a decision without consulting Mato. After all, you didn't want her to get a Psi-stone, and she didn't get a Psi-stone. You'd be a hypocrite if you didn't ask her opinion, and you're pretty sure you're not a hypocrite.

You turn around and bump into-

Oh. Think of the devil.

Mato has a slightly surprised look on her face, like she hadn't been expecting you to turn around and run into her.

It was an awkward sort of collision, the kind where neither of you happened to be so much as knocked a little off-balance, let alone bowled over or otherwise hurt or made uncomfortable.

So you're not really sure what to do.

You give a half-hearted apology for not watching where you were going, and Mato gives an equally half-hearted 'don't worry about it.'

She looks like she wants to ask you something.

Of course, you also want to ask /her/ something.

>Let her go first.
>Ask her what she thinks about all this Psi-amp business.
>Something else? (Write-in!)

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You grin a little at the question. Suppressing the urge to make a reference to a silly old movie is easy, especially as you look down at the girl clinging to you like a sloth clings to a tree- as if her life depends on it, that is.

You relay a series of thoughts, emotions, feelings, and an impression of how nice Mato's bum feels to the Eye.

[Love and stuff,] you note.

The Eye wobbles up and down like a buoy in an invisible (and rather stormy) ocean. [I see,] it replies, something you suspect to be akin to wry amusement in its 'voice', [but, assuming a hypothetical life devoid of your romantic companion and her... firm buttocks- what would be best in /that/ life?]

You smirk. Removing the hair ties keeping Mato's pigtails as they are, you begin to gently run your fingers through her hair as you contemplate your response. Doesn't she know not to leave her hair tied when she sleeps?

[Well,] you muse, [Mato's pretty grand. It's hard to imagine life without her. Before, it was all... studying, being good, and setting things on fire, y'know?] You shrug. [Not everyone has a Mato of their own, though- and the answer to your question would be different for every person you asked, I think.]

The Eye pulsates a bit more slowly- it almost seems contemplative, in a way- before asking another question.

[What is 'being good'?]

Oh, geez.

How do you even approach this one?

>>Spelling behavior without a 'u' in it, because you're in America and spellcheck hates it when you can't not use the UK spelling of a word? [Don't pick this, this is just me being a butthurt faggot because I always type 'behaviour' instead]
>Some other thing? Truth or Justice or Peace or Love? How do you explain that? (Write-in!)

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'Yes, I have... but only once.' You smile a little at the memory.


'AIM Diffusion Fields.'

The Eye bobbles up and down impatiently. [What's an 'AIM Diffusion Field']

'AIM is an acronym-'

[What's an 'acronym'?]

[… If you are too hot to see a snowflake up close, how did you do so before?]

'Well, y'see- someone else helped me do it.'

[Someone else?]


>It was Mato.
>It was- well, no, it /was/ Mato- Big!Mato, at least; you just /thought/ she was Mato's sister.
>It was Nee-chan.
>It was a little blonde girl who kept shocking everyth- wait... it was Fate? Sunnuva...

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You squint, blink, and attempt to peer at things in a few ways.

Mato's clawed hand tightens its grip on your waist. She's anxious; concerned for your safety (isn't that just the sweetest?)

You feel like there's something else there.

You feel it in your bones.

It's the same kind of sensation as having something right on the tip of your tongue.

All you need is a little... more.

Of course, this is significantly different from having a word on the tip of your tongue, as that sort of situation usually doesn't involve giant robots and the like.

Still, though...

>Look for a bit longer. (d20 perils of snooping check, no crit-fail override)
>Give it up, fall back.
>Something else? (Write-in!)

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Well, there's one surefire way to burn away the hours: WITH FIRE.

You still need to attain Level 5, after all, if you want ALL THE ICE CREAM, and you're not entirely sure what happened to your ability to make things spontaneously combust!

Thus, you need to train, to practice, and to experiment!

You reluctantly head out after realizing that testing your abilities inside of living spaces is very definitely a BAD idea.

After some deliberation, you decide to head for...
>A park; a nice and open space where you probably won't melt anything important- you'll have to watch out for kids and such, though.
>The Sol Aeternam Labs; they'll be glad to have you, but you probably won't be able to do the tests YOU want to do, and you'll be there for quite awhile.
>Komoe-sensei (wherever she is). She helped you develop your HEAT RAYS, after all, so there's no telling what she could help with!
>The Strange. It's just business.
>Somewhere else you heard about somewhere? (You'll roll to see what you heard about!)
>Somewhere else (Write-in!)


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Miku rubs her chin, then blinks and frowns a little.

“Uh... now?” She seems confused by this. “Actually, not quite yet.” She looks to you and asks, “Would you mind helping me sterilize everything, Akari-chan? I mean, it's already sterilized, but, uh, y'know...”

She clears her throat.

Mato looks freaking ecstatic.

>Agree to help Miku sterilize stuff.
>Something else. (Write-in!)

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You panic for a brief moment before regaining your composure.

“... I wouldn't expect anything less,” you say evenly, and Miku nods.

“Mato-chan just doesn't understand the heart of a maiden,” she notes, “and Akane-chan's a big weirdo.”

You snicker at that. “That 'big weirdo' is your girlfriend, you know.”

“Hey! She's MY big weirdo, thank you very much, and she can be really cool if the moment's right!”

The rest of the conversation is relatively normal, and, after a few minutes more, Mato and Nee-chan come into the room, Nee-chan bearing the cake and Mato carrying a couple of nicely-wrapped presents in her arms.

You listen to, rather than endure, their remarkably-pleasant rendition of 'Happy Birthday to You', which is so good that you find yourself suspecting that Miku made them practice beforehand, and then it's time for you to blow out your candles and make a wish...

What do you wish for?

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You frown. Something's been bothering you for a bit, now. “What was Mami talking about earlier? Some of our classmates are in the hospital?”

Mato nods. “Yeah, but they're alright. They were all in my class last year, so I suppose they weren't really /your/ classmates.” She stops. “They were part of Fate's gang- the good Doctor Testarossa tested her weirdo gas on 'em, remember?” She frowns. “Were you awake for that?” She shrugs. “Anyways, like I said, they're fine. Fate's contract agreement with Kyuubey was that he would fix 'em up, good as new!”

You frown. Something about consorting with invisible xenos doesn't sit well with you.

“Anyways, do you know Minami-chan? Tall; mint-green hair; pretty in a weird, kinda androgynous sort of way? Head-over-heels for Kobayakawa-chan?”

You frown. “Kobayakawa... Yutaka-chan?” Oh, right! Wait, Iwasaki-san's a girl? Holy shit, you thought she was just a strangely attractive guy.

… Better not say that out loud.

Mato nods. “Yeah, you know who I'm talkin' about?”

“Yeah, I do. Continue.” Yutaka's sick all the time, and Iwasaki-san- err, Minami, is always taking care of her. They make a cute couple... didn't Iwasaki-san have some weird ability or something? You guess she probably did, if she was part of Fate's gang, given that was their schtick and all.

“She made a contract with Kyuubey, too, and her weird time thing is freakin' amazing, now! She can actually stop time and everything! And she asked Kyuubey to find a way to fix Kobayakawa-chan!” She laughs and laces her fingers together behind her head. “Can you believe that? It's like something out of a manga or a fairy tale!”


What's your first thought about all of that?
>You still don't trust that thing.
>You're glad to hear everyone's alright.
>Precia Testarossa needs to have her ass kicked...
>Other (Write-in)

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You duck a split-second before the leathery purple whip cracks through the space your head was occupying just a moment ago and roll to the side, dodging a second lashing in the process.

What kind of sadistic freak uses a whip in combat, anyways?

You sprint off in a random direction.

Apparently, purple's wearing heels or something, because she just can't catch up.

… You don't know how far you've run or how long you've been running. You can't tell the difference between any of the buildings.

You're starting to get tired, though.

None of the faceless people pay you any mind unless you run into them, in which case they just act annoyed and move on.

The cars all follow traffic laws perfectly, many of them of their own accord.

Seriously, what the hell is going on?

>What do you do? Where are you? Do you have a plan?

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A small part of you- maybe a fifth?- wants to wake up and ask just what the heck Mato's doing to that poor, innocent, not-you girl.

But the other eighty percent or so thinks that you need some new HEAT RAY BLING after taking out everyone and their dog by sheer force of BEAM earlier today.

Your initial thoughts are blue- blue flames are hotter, so blue Heat Rays are also probably hotter, too; pink, because it'd be cute; pink with little hearts, because it'd be SUPER CUTE; and PRISMATIC, because FREAKING RAINBOW BEAMS!

You also consider black or something, because that might be pretty cool?

Really, you can do whatever you want.

>What do you want? We'll have plenty of time for discussion of beam coloration/designs/whatever else you can think of, because I haven't eaten food yet today and there's a hamburger with my name on it!

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You take Mato's hand and make your way towards the Strange once more.

This time, Mato manages to keep the same pace as you, which is pretty nice.

You're not even half-way to your destination when a little boy tugs on your skirt, tears in his eyes and everything.

“I can't find my mommy!”

You blink. You're not really sure what to do in this kind of situation. “Uh... what does she look like?”

“She's a grown-up! She's tall and pretty and she wears a skirt!”

… This isn't going to be nearly as easy as you'd like it to be, is it?

Mato, as good with kids as ever, scoops the child up and says all kinds of reassuring stuff to him- 'We'll find your mommy' and 'Shhh shhh shhh, everything's gonna be okay' and such.

What do you do?
>Ask his name, his mother's last name will be the same, so you can just call her name and maybe get her attention that way.
>Try to press him for more specific details about his mother.
>Ask if he knows her phone number. Modern technology ho!
>Other (Write-in)

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There's no reason to let her become even more of a bum, you decide, and, though breakfast in bed would really knock her socks off, she'd probably get all weird and clingy about it.

So, you take a deep breath, gripping the handle to her bedroom door tightly, and count down.

“Three... two... one... BREACHING!”

Just like you trained, you throw open the door! You dive through as the handle hits the wall with a remarkably loud BANG, making sure to perform an unnecessary (but very cool and stylish) combat roll into the room.

You finish the roll and come up into a ready crouch, body tensed to react to the first sign of danger. A quick glance around the room reveals piles of those weird comics and games Nee-chan likes so much, as well as a rather lewd screen-saver on her desktop computer.

No hostages, though, and nothing that looks too bomb-like.

Is that a body-sized pillow with an image of you on it?

Well, it's not like this isn't something you'd expect from her.

You stomp over to her bed, where she's mumbling something about 'they're in the trees' or some other such nonsense. You take hold of her sheets and unceremoniously yank them off- pulling Nee-chan herself off of the bed as well.

She lets out a yelp as she hits the floor, then opens one eye, peers at you for a moment or two, and mutters, “Five more minutes.”

You sigh, set her alarm clock to go off in four minutes, and leave her room to prepare some breakfast.

What do you make?
>Bacon and eggs. Nice and hearty.
>Jam/Jelly/Peanut Butter on toast. You like to run to school and pretend to be in a hurry- it really messes with the other students, seeing a studious lass such as yourself acting late.
>Pancakes. You probably have batter or something, right?
>Salad. Because Nee-chan really needs to eat her greens.

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