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“I’m sorry my friend but this is for your own good,” you told Touma.

“Quite, I would be most displeased if you came on to my dear Kyril,” Asuka warned.

“Besides, if she’s anything like Asuka, you’ll enjoy it soon enough,” you finished.

With a smirk, the two of you left a flustered Touma and an indignant British princess alone. Thankfully, no one had barred the two of you from exiting the embassy.

The time is now afternoon, the weather is cloudy, and the date remains unchanged.

Before you was another entertainment establishment. The difference was that this one belonged to the Guild. Etzali had come through on his end and now sitting inside were the four leaders that controlled the Guild. A cursory inquiry revealed the nature of their defences. Whilst highly capable, and motivated, the average gangbanger that served the Guild leadership was simply driven by fear. Their leaders had little qualms with killing and disposing of members at the drop of a hat. It was counter-balanced by the amount of that doled out in recompense. The carrot and the stick, as it were. While you had not managed to get actual names to look up in the Anti-Skill and Judgement databases, rumours stated that the Guild leadership were all at least Level 3 Ability Users.

You had brought Asuka along to even the odds. 2:1 was better than 4:1. You were even hoping that one of them would more of a supporting role. That they might also know how to fight as a team was another point to take in to consideration. Asuka had been briefed of course and in a fight such as this, she was willing to let you take the lead. That did not mean that she would not strike with all the power and assets that she had at her disposal. Sagara and Tadakuni were waiting for your signal.

It was time to,
>Kick down the front door
>Walk in like you owned the place
>Other plan (write-in)

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>a ghetto for ants

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Mato sighs. She's walking with her fingers laced together behind her head, and you're admiring her trapezoid-making skills when she suddenly stops.

“Is that... sand?”

You avert your gaze from her and refocus on the street ahead of you.

That is, in fact, sand.

You are Akari Takamichi, a Level 4 (Level 3, officially, but who am I kidding?) Pyrokineticist, and on this fine 21st of July, you're patrolling Academy City's District 10- more commonly referred to as 'The Strange'.

The pavement ahead of you is, as Mato observed, sandy.

The heck is that all about?

It starts out just a few meters ahead of you and down the street to your right (which also happens to lead deeper into The Strange), with a fine coating of sand that doesn't quite cover the asphalt, and transitions into a veritable desert- complete with small, rolling dunes- over the course of a block or so.

It makes for an interesting backdrop, you suppose; the clashing aesthetic of graffiti-tagged buildings and a FREAKING DESERT. Feels kinda like one of those weird, 'half-western, half-whatever-the-author-feels-like' settings.

Mato looks to you, perhaps for guidance, perhaps for some sort of reasonable explanation for there being a desert in the middle of Academy City. You can't help but notice that she's cute when she's confused.

You shrug. “They call it 'The Strange' for a reason, I guess.”

She hesitates, then nods. “Y-yeah, I guess...” She looks back to the desert. “Still, there's obviously something going on here.”

You, for one, agree entirely. This may well be the shiftiest thing you've seen thus far.

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You think for a moment or two before an idea hits you.

“Do you know your mom's phone number?”

The kid looks at you, blinks, and nods. He pulls out a phone and calls his mother.

The relief in his voice as he converses with her over the phone is quite evident.

The two of you wait with him while his mother comes and finds you.

Like he said, his mother was... very grown-up. Tall and pretty, too. You're not too sure if what she's wearing is a skirt, though you might just be crazy.

He hugs Mato's legs, then your legs, then his foxy mother's legs.

“Thank you, Judgment nee-chans!”

Before long, you're on your way towards the Strange again.

After awhile, Mato speaks the thought that's obviously on both of your minds. “I didn't know mothers could look like that.”

You nod. “I didn't realize breasts could be so... perfect.”

“I know, right? I thought Mami's were glorious, but those... I feel like I should have given her a medal or a trophy or something.”

Thus, you entered the Strange, a discussion about a stranger's perfect bosom flowing back and forth between the two of you.

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“Nobody's really sure. They're Level 0 because nobody can tell and their abilities aren't potent enough for anyone important to care. Me, I think they've got some sort of telepathic link thing going on at a subconscious level, so their Personal Realities are kinda... smooshed together. Maybe they share an AIM field, too? They're weird, their powers are weird, and that's that.”

“And Mami-san? What's her power?”

“She's a Level 4. She's got light powers or something.”

“Light powers?”

“Yeah, light powers! You know, shooting lasers, flashing lights, photon stuff, plunging an area into darkness so black that when you look into it it stares back into your very soul, and making these cool illusion things!”

One of those things was not like the others, but you get the gist of it. Probably.

After a few more minutes of backwards-bunny-hopping and idle chatter, you start running into graffiti-tagged street signs and buildings.

Mato slows down and stops hopping. “Looks like we're here.” She looks around. “We need to look out for signs of vandalism out past the signs designating the places where District 10 ends and the other neighboring districts begin.”

Seems simple enough. You look around, and see...

[roll 2d10, please]

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