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>he thinks there will be anything big teased or mentioned
Poor deluded FOOL. Even if by some miracle they do, it'll be 10 months away minimum.

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>you're just envious of them

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>not good at life
Nope, Thyrsus.

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>he doesn't play UR aggro or eldrazi

you haven't lived until you've dealt your opponent 20 damage with 2-3 copies of Fevered Visions while countering every relevant spell they cast


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>Exar Kun
>Not Vader
>Not even Darth Darth Binks

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>X for grown-ups
>Fanfiction for grown-ups
>Anything for grown-ups on a website primarily inhabited by kids, angsty teens, and emotionally stunted man-children

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>mfw business major
>mfw I'll be able to afford Armada and XWM regardless of writing success
Guess it's time to keep polishing that pitch to Disney, EA, and Bamco, then. Maybe in vidya, my skills will be able to work to my advantage. The chances of success are still hilariously tiny, but fuck it. I'll waste less time with a rejected pitch than with a rejected manuscript.

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I hope you don't mind if I steal this so hard.

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Is it odd that when the Twins were mentioned I thought of these?

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I do in fact know that feeling.

>Make pair of young teen girls that are 5th-dimensional lords of a candy dimension
>Manipulates and creates vanilla/strawberry/caramel/chocolate
>Generally use them for bullshit antics
>People end up wanting to fuck them

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>growing up in a community surrounded in acceptance
>no body judges you based on what you do or say
>not priveleged

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Fantasy Craft's undeniable goodness makes me laugh with joy, as well.

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You went around the table checking on your guests.
The girls from Nanoha's slumber party having attested that they did enjoy themselves, the mess in the other room confirming that.
"Honey, Can I sleep over again tonight?" Miki asks you.
"err... i think it would be best if you did it some other time." you tell her as you remember P-san's furious face.
"Awww... Tomorrow then?"
"We'll see.." You answer as you try and steer away form this dangerous situation.

"Hey man. Do you know why I'm here?" Shirou asks as he gets on his 3rd stack of pancakes drowned in syrup.
"...I don't know. Maybe you sleep walk?"
"mmmm... maybe. Anyway, great food!"
"Thanks. Susan made most of it."
"Great food!" he shouts down the long table to where your sister was seated.

"Nee nee Niichan, Can we keep these?" The Idol twins ask you as you walked by them.
With a grin on their faces, they pull out your boxers.
The black bunnies on the light blue background exposed for all to see.

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>Cons: Cane does not support over 300 pounds.

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"WHAT IS THAAAAAAAAAAT!" She screams as she flees from something.
"BRRRRRRRRT!!" Like a fart crossed with a chainsaw, Erica's gun spat out destruction.
Whole storefronts crumbled from the stray bullets as she tried to splatter Lucchinni
"KEEP RUNNING! EVENTUALLY MY BULLETS WILL CATCH YOU!!" Erica laughs as she continues to unload her gun at her fleeing foe.

You can only watch as they fly away.
As Erica and Luchinni disappear from your field of view, a familiar voice calls out to you.
"Nee, Nee Niichan. Why don't you come play with us?" Ami and Mami call out from the roof of a low building.
"Let's have some fun!" They say as they swing their hammers excitedly.

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"Hey, Hey. Is big-brother alright?" the twins ask her.
"Yeah. He just needs some rest." She tells them.
"Are you another one of his girlfreinds? nishihi." ami laughs.
"W-what?!" she blushes but prevents herself from moving too much.
"Weeeell... You did look very concerned for him when he fell.. And you did run to him saying his name..." Mami says slyly.
"I.. I'm not." Perrine answers softly. "I'm not."

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rolled 16 = 16


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