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Good going ghost

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So, midterms this week. To be up front, I've only got like, one test, but I'll be putting extra hours in at the shop to try and knock out this project our teacher assigned us. That means there's probably not going to be a thread next week, but we'll see.

In other news, RIP SWQ Flashdrive. It made it so far, I'm really kinda sad- just a couple more weeks and we'd have been done. I plan to give it a good viking funeral- it fought on for a long time.

Anyway, archive here:

"So what's going on?" You ask for what seems like the fourth time as you're hustled into a squadron briefing room with Slider and the girls by Brigitte.

"I told you before, baron, I don't know." Brigitte says, her accent falling away at the end of her sentence. Your eyes narrow as she continues. "But it's bad. Whatever it is, it's bad. This came down from as high up as it gets."

"Is it mars?" You ask, looking over at Slider.

She shakes her head. "I don't think so. the UN would have already issued warnings. This is something else."

"Megalith?" Slider asks. Brigitte shrugs again, frustration clear on her features.


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So, news!

Well, first off, sorry about last weekend. No real excuse there, other than me desperately needing new boots (Which I didn't get, because all of the ones they had had laces) and pants (Which I couldn't find in town). I can't promise we'll run long to make up for it or anything, but we'll see, I've got a good handle on when I can leave for class and still make it on time.

archive here:


You'd decided to get the girls up around noon, letting them sleep a bit more than they probably needed just to help make up for the travel whiplash- you know how bad jet lag can be. No one else had been in the apartment when you did, though as you get back in, the three witches, followed by Wendy, walk in carrying grocery bags. Apparently, by some unspoken word, your rooms have become the informal gathering place. You're mostly ok with it, though you figure if it starts to be a problem you can say something.

They see you and the two girls as you leave their room, carrying Stasya and Lilya's shoes with the two girls following you. "So he finally decides to join us." Katya quips, smirking at you. You'd have had a comeback, but the presence of the girls kinda robs you of it, so you just shrug.

"Jet lag" you offer up as an excuse- a weak one, you know, but an excuse all the same. She grins at you, knowing the truth of it- you needed a nap.

"Want to just take it easy today, then?" Ice asks, nodding at Wendy as she takes several bags into the kitchen from by the door and starts putting the food away.

You shrug. "Not much going on, is there?"

"Not really." She confirms. "At least not for you. I was thinking of going to the embassy to announce' a-anounce-"

"To be telling the American covens she is carrying your child." Katya fills in as Ice dissolves into a stuttering mess. "Wendy or I will be going with her."


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Ok, so, news.

Well, granddad just left for the ER. It's not his heart, which is good, since that's our major worry with him these days, but if I have to bail out... well, you know why.

This is, most likely, our last regular Tuesday run. Like, ever. We'll move to a later Thursday run starting next week. I'll probably put up the OP at 1900-2000 EST, give or take. I don't actually get out of class till around 17, which also happens to be right around rush hour. We'll see how that pans out. Hopefully we're not quite so boned next semester, but we'll have to see.

Archive here:


You'd headed back into the house only to almost step on Rufus, lying unhappily by the back door. He's not allowed outside- while neither you nor the colonel is worried about him potentially attacking people, you are worried about him designing a way to get at the food. The perils of an overly smart dog are many, you reflect.

Fortunately, he just sort of looks up at you as you walk in and makes a whuffing noise, a kind of half-interested bark that dies before it's really ever given voice. He sets his head back down on his paws, eyes watching you as you step over him and head upstairs to get Anya.

Originally the house was designed with four bedrooms, along with a pair of bathrooms, one upstairs and one downstairs. The colonel had another bathroom added a couple years ago, along with another bedroom downstairs, and a small den- he'd expected his daughter to take it when she moved back in after his wife had died of cancer, but apparently Caroline had decided to reclaim her room upstairs.


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Let's see... news.

Well, school starts in two weeks- a little less, actually. Next Tuesday will probably be our last regular run for a while, till we get things sorted out. I'm leaning towards moving to Thursday evening runs for the simple fact that I don't have to be up Friday morning and can run a bit later to make up for a late start time. Hopefully that sounds good to you guys, let me know. I really don't want to have to move the run and have everyone caught out by it!

Archive here:


Anya is in love.

You've seen it before, done the exact same thing the first time you laid eyes on the F-14. You might be one of the Navy's handful of Wyvern drivers, but your first love is, was, and will forever will be the tomcat.

Anya's, meanwhile, is the P-38, the venerable fork-tailed devil. This particular example of the type, the colonel was only to happy to share, had been discovered in the Sahara a few years back by one of his guys, working from records of squadrons flying out of bases in Tunisia during the war. They'd discovered several missing- and, more importantly- unaccounted for aircraft.

One of them had been this P-38L. According to records, she'd been sent out with several hundred aircraft and six witches in motherships on an attack on martian targets in southern Europe, and never come home. However, she'd been sighted in heavy clouds as little as ten minutes prior- so they'd known she didn't go down in the med. Working from that, the colonel's people put together a search area and started looking, eventually finding her after six weeks. She'd belly-landed, her pilot apparently dying on impact of a broken neck. The colonel had said it was a bittersweet moment for him, being able to help put a missing airman to rest.


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Let's see... news.

I think I told you guys about my school schedule, that starts the 17th. We won't be done before then, so I kinda need to hear back from you on what we want to do- either a later start Thursday run (Probably around 19 or 20EST) or a shorter Tuesday run (I have to be up for class the next day). I can't even promise I'll be able to keep to the schedule, but I'm willing to take a swing at it, just let me know what you guys think.

archive here:


You'd made it a point to be at the hospital at the opening of visiting hours. While it had gotten you an odd look from the guy at the desk out front, nobody had really questioned you too much as you walked past the desk. You already knew Anya's room, of course, and you were able to make it up practically before breakfast was brought up. You're glad you did, it makes the couple doughnuts you picked up for her that much more special.

You'd had to wait while a nurse took her vitals, which, thankfully, didn't take long at all. She's still pretty heavily drugged- while you're no nurse yourself, you do know how to read a lot of the bottles hung on her IV drip. It'd explain why, when she saw you at first, she whispered "Papa?" before blinking several times and really looking at you.


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Let's see, news.

Had a good vacation, hope you guys did too, haha! Kinda messed up my shoulder though, SMLEs don't quite shoot like anything I'm really used to, haha!

Other than that, I'll be starting school (again) in about a month, bit less. Classes start the 17th of August. What it probably means for us here is shorter runs- my Tuesday and Thursday are pretty harsh- I'm a dumbshit so I scheduled my classes to run from 08-1700 with no breaks, so it ought to be fun. Monday and Wednesday are better, only 3 hours, but it's 08-11, so I have to get up around seven to make class. I'm not sure if this all means we'll move days (Maybe to Thursday, since I don't have class on Friday) or not, what do you guys think we ought to do?

Anyway, enough of that. Archive here:


Anya's condition, if anything, is rapidly deteriorating. By the time your plane lands at the San Diego airport, she's been unconscious for at least an hour. She's still breathing, but it's badly labored, her body's reaction to the infection sapping all her strength.

It's been heartbreaking. Even if you don't know her as well as Stasya and Lilya- both of whom occupied the seats behind you, both quietly peering over the chair tops at their sick 'sister'. Slider eventually went back to sit with them and quietly talk, to reassure them. You get the feeling they'd have rather had Ice along- at least, Lilya would have- but her presence was required in London, and Katya had been similarly requested.

Personally, you're glad it was Rachel. She's always been solidly dependable, and, while it's not exactly the alone time you'd have liked with her, you'll take what you can get. Even if you doubt either of you will have much time to enjoy your home city for very long.


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Sorry about the late start, had a bit of bad news, had to suss out how I plan to handle that. Kinda irritated, but shit happens, I guess.

Anyway. Just a reminder there's no thread the 14th, I'll be out of town that week and won't have time to set one up. Other than that, We'll probably have a bit of a delay between the OP and the first post by myself, I still haven't made dinner, haha, and the pantry is bare, so I've got to go get something to make. I don't even have ramen, it's that bad in here hahaha.

That's it for news, such as it is archive here:


As you wake up, you're momentarily confused by the narrow confines in which you find yourself. The slight frame of a sleeping witch nuzzled in close to your chest doesn't surprise you, nor does the fact that your left arm, wrapped protectively around her, is asleep, a sure sign it's been that way most of the night.

You're careful not to stir too much as you open one eye up to look at the clock on the wall, barely able to make it out in the wan light of the early morning sun. Still, six is as good a time to get up as any, you think, though Stasya, here on the couch with you, might have other ideas. Of course, if she does, she'll never tell you.

You'd elected to move out here and make the master bedroom a touch less crowded early on in the night- it was clear that, while Katya was perfectly fine sleeping with you like no one else was there, Ice and Slider weren't quite so ready to embrace the whole polygamy thing just yet. You can't say you blame them- you're not sure you are, either. You'd just grabbed a blanket and a pillow and headed out here, hoping the three of them could comfortably share a bed. Given that the other couch is empty, you assume they did.


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Let's see, news.

Not much, really. depending on how this week goes, we may do a Saturday thread, but don't count on it. We'll get one if we don't get to where I expect we should today, but we may just wait till next week and kind of extend this bit out. We'll see.

Anyway, archive here:


"So you talked to Tabby?" Slider asks, getting a kitchen knife out of the block and grabbing four plates. She pauses as she grabs them, then takes a fifth as well. "For Sammy." She says, noticing your look. "She's got, like, a sixth sense about this kinda thing."

You grin and nod, indicating to the girls they should sit down at the table, while you grab some glasses and the jug of milk that's labeled "FOR AMERICANS". For some unknown reason, the milk made here in Europe is strictly off limits, and no one has the time or the transport capacity to ship thousands of gallons of milk across the Atlantic. You've all been making due with either 'powdered dairy mix'- which is what this is- or concentrated milk that's been watered down to about the right consistency. Honestly, you prefer the powdered mix, it's not too bad, but it's certainly not milk.

You pour some of it for the girls as you answer. "Yeah, we talked to Ice." You say, indicating to the girls to try some of the stuff, see how they like it.

Seemingly detecting something amiss, they look at it, then at you, then at each other, before they both back look at their glasses. Stasya picks hers up and takes a sip- then sets it right back down. Can't win them all, you guess.

"And?" Slider asks, passing out the plates and opening up one of the two containers with Santa's cake.

You shrug. "Not much. We're going to rearrange the flights, I'll have an all-steelwing flight, Wendy and Sakamoto will move over with Rosalie and Katya."


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Part two for the night! hahaha.

and to answer >>38619592 no, thankfully.

Part one, while it's still up, is here!


[x] Bah. Boring! Give me a girl with some fire in her heart, yeah?

“Bah.” You say, waving a hand. “Boring! Give me a girl with some fire in her heart, yeah?”

Merlin shrugs. “I guess? None of the others have made any kind of first move though-”

“And you don't see me with any of them, do you?” You ask, grinning.

“I guess not.” Merlin says, contemplatively. “But I think we've wasted enough time. Let's go!”

You nod- though in this case, she means 'go to life support' where she gathers her gear- and you reclaim your helmet, turned in by Stasya when she walked down here before her flight. You haven't seen any of them- yet- though you're sure you will before you get airborne.

From the support shop, you head, quickly, through weather- Sunny and dry, thought there's going to be snow on the mountains, it's clear over all ranges, which suits you fine.

You're greeted by Stasya and Lilya in the hangar- both of them have identical flight suits- that look for all the world like Single piece swimsuits. “Girls!” You say, returning their hugs- one nice thing about having not gotten geared down after your last flight is there's nothing to put on- you're already wearing it all! “Those your new flight suits? Where's the arms?” You tug on the material of yours.

“This is the undersuit.” Stasya says, holding up a long jacket. “This is what we wear over it, then the vest over that.”

“What about a Gsuit?” You ask.

Lilya shakes her head. “The interface inside the fighter acts as one.” She says, then frowns. “Can we have our helmets painted too?”

Theirs are the Navy issue grey- not the colorful- and highly irregular- ones you, Merlin, and the twins have.

[] Sure! We'll get them painted up before we get back to the unit.
[] When we get to Poland, sure. We've got an artist or two in the unit.
[] When you earn it, girls. When you earn it.

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Ok, so news.

Lot to do today, so I'm going to try to keep to a 15 minute voting period between posts. Actual posts may have a longer interval, cos of the time it takes to write them, but if a vote comes in after the 15 minute mark, and I don't count it, sorry. If we don't manage to close out where I think we can, we'll run a Saturday thread. If we do, we might still run one as a different character. Maybe another Jess quest. those are fun.

Archive here


You were up early- before you'd set your alarm even, and that was set to go off a half hour before anyone else's should. You'd showered and dressed, heading downstairs just as you heard movement start in the bedrooms, the twins and Merlin getting up, along with Slider and Ice.

You took the time to stick a pot of coffee on, waiting for it to brew enough to fill a mug, then headed out of the house as the showers kicked on upstairs again. It's a bit chilly out in the early morning air, and heavy with humidity, a very low-hanging mist just covering the ground. The base isn't blacked out, though you can see that the air defense network is up and manned- no surprises there, really. Those crews are probably on the last half of their watch.

The hangar is a different story. After showing your ID to the air force security troops outside, you go in through one of the people-sized doors along the front. The building's lit up, with your crews finishing the uploading of weapons and equipment to the wyverns.

“Morning, Chief.” You greet, walking over to your crew chief, who nods.

“Mornin, sir.” He says.

“Everything going alright?”

He nods. “Yessir, no problems. The load toads have all the weapons uploaded, and those witch pods or whatever the hell they're called staged, we can't load them till they're occupied, ya know?”


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[x] yeah, I'll do that. Thanks.

You nod, knocking on Slider's door. “Yeah, I'll do just that. Thanks.”

He nods as you step into the XO's office- to find her actually sitting at her desk, handling some paperwork of her own.

“Close that hatch.” She says without looking up. “I got a reputation to keep.”

You laugh, closing it and taking a seat in one of the chairs on the other side of the desk.

She sets down her pen and looks up at you. “And that means you keep your damn mouth shut. You saw nothing, you hear me?”

You grin, but nod. “I saw absolutely nothing.”

“Good.” She says. “I'm glad we agree. So what's up.”

You shrug. “Been gone for a while, trying to get caught up.”

She shoves a three ring binder at you. “There's the intel reports, you can read 'em yourself.”

You laugh. “Anything new here?”

She shakes her head. “Not really. The air force pukes are alright, for air force pukes. That colonel's mellowed, guess she just needed a lay.” She pauses. “She needed it bad. Jesus.”

You laugh as she continues.

“Other than that? Eh, same shit. We've been mounting BARCAPs with the other units in the AO, but the front is almost purely a ground show. Can't get CAS in to support, they've got too much shit on the other side of the line, and the new SA-20s they're fielding are fucking lethal.” She pauses. “To everyone. The Polish lost a girl to them a couple days ago.”

“Ouch.” You say- losses hurt anywhere, but in the close-knit witch community, it's even more so.

She nods. “Yeah, it's why only SEAD aircraft and witches are allowed up that far right now. So what's new with you?”

You grin and are about to say something about you having to kill her after telling her but she cuts you off.

“And don't gimme that it's classified shit.” She warns. “Just tell me the important shit.”

[] Merlin wants us to get VDNI.
[] Nothing new, really. Jessica says hi.

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[x] (Tie between laugh and gentleman, so we'll wing it.)

You laugh heartily at that, one of those laughs from deep in your belly. It's not a laugh of a panicked madman- more the laugh of an amused gentleman. “Ma'am,” you say, wiping the tears from your eyes. “I am a gentleman and an officer. I do not kiss and tell.”

“Damn.” She says. “I was hoping-”

“Hoping what?” Someone else says- you don't see who. “He said when he got interviewed he was single!”

“He was probably lying.” a third voice chimes in. “I mean, c'mon, it's allowed, but it's hardly professional for them to be sleeping with each other.

“Given the way the two of them look I don't think they're sleeping at all!” Someone else laughs.

You laugh harshly, cutting in. “Neither will you at the front. And not because you found someone to bump uglies with.”

It gets quiet at that. You shrug. “You'll see when you get there.”

“Is it- is it really that bad?” A girl asks. “We've all heard rumors, but-”

[] It's not cakewalk in easytown, if that's what you've been thinking.
[] it's rough.
[] You'll get an inbreifing when you get to your bases. You'll see then.

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[x] Yeah, let's round up Wendy and head back, we'll make the cake there. I don't want to run the risk

You nod. “Yeah, let's round up Wendy and head back.” You say. You don't want to run the risk of encountering soviet fighter-bombers at night in a forty year old prop-driven aircraft, let alone one that's been disarmed and no longer boasts it's radar equipment.

The two of you head back to Tempelhof, where you find Wendy waiting by her striker rack, reading a book, with a small bag now. She looks up when the two of you approach, smiling. “Sir Bishop, Miss Kent. Did you find whatever it was you were looking for in town?”

You nod. “Yep, we didn't have any problems. I see you did some shopping of your own.” You gesture to the bag.

She nods. “Yes, I hope that's alright. If it isn't, I suppose I can give them to the local library or something, these were just titles I'd always wanted to read.” She says, closing her book without marking her place.

“No, it's fine. We've got plenty of space for them.” You say. “You ready to head home?”

She looks around, but nods. “I am, yes. Though I think I should like to come back here some day, if I can.”

“I don't see why you couldn't.” You respond. “Here, hand me your books, I'll go get everything loaded up.”

“How can I help?” Wendy asks, giving you the bag. You laugh.

“By getting ready to go.” You say, then look down at her. “You're a little too short to reach up into the cargo compartments, Wendy.”

She nods and heads back inside the hangar, while you take the brief window to load everything into the Bat and secure it in place.


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Can't really say there's any news- I'm trying to attend a scenario game the first weekend of November, so I may take a break that following week (No run on Tuesday, the 11th) but we'll see- if i can't get the time off, then I'll probably not be able to go. I'll keep the twitter updated.

Archives here:

and... that's it, I guess. Feels like I had something else... oh well.


Your pillow has to be the most comfortable thing ever, bar none. Warm and soft, you definitely don't want to have to wake up- being half awake like this is bad enough. You can hear a radio, probably in your room, tuned to the armed forces Europe network- which seems to prefer to play classic rock, though there's at least one disc jockey who'll play big band and swing almost incessantly. You kinda like him, honestly. He's not on now, though, and strains of free bird drift through the air. You'll take it.

Ice'll be mad- of course, you're expecting her to be. You're kind of already irritated at her for it, too- what other option did you have? Running was out, especially outnumbered like you were, and it wasn't like there was any help to be had. You'll sure you'll deal with... whenever you can find the drive to actually wake up, which, right now, just isn't happening.

You roll over and absently reach down for the blanket, noting that it's much heavier- and scalier- than you expected. It'd explain the weight on your chest, at least.

You pause, one hand on it, and open one eye- your pillows have never been that pale flesh color, either.

You open your other eye and lever your head off your 'pillow', grimacing at the soreness that makes itself known along your neck and back at the motion. You can make out the barest hints of tattoos peeking around the corners of the legs stretched off to the side of you- which, if the tail hadn't given it away- would have told you who your 'pillow' was.

1/3 (probably)

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File: 197 KB, 1000x700, The fact that she called you a 'dumb asshat' for getting vectored to the wrong area was kinda uncalled for. You're still working out how to get her back..png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let's see... news.

Don't really have any news, to be honest. I'm sure I'll think of something I should have said later though, hahahaha.

Archive here:


The storms earlier in the week really cleaned out the sky; the stars are gorgeous out here. It's left the night air a bit chilly in it's wake, but cold air is nothing but good for you. It's one of the nice breaks you've caught recently.

Your schedule sucks- you and Merlin have had to adopt vampire hours, sitting alert every night , waiting for some mysterious soviet night bombers to come into your AOR. You've been scrambled twice already on transient contacts, only to find nothing anywhere near the contact point. It's getting irritating.

Of course, it was far more irritating when it became apparent they'd slipped past the radar net- you'd been vectored to a point better than a hundred miles away from their targets. By the time you'd showed up, they were long gone.

The one upside is that you and Merlin are the only ones having to keep the schedule- your wingmates rotate through the Twins, Katya, and Wendy, who's displayed the ability to fly extremely well using issued NODs- a rare skill among witches, most of whom prefer to leave nighttime to specialist night witches or steelwings.

With the Twins and Katya already having sat their turns this week, it's Wendy on the tarmac next to you, sitting on her striker rack, an oversized jacket around her, her knees tucked up into her chest to hide beneath it. You and Merlin are both in the cockpit, an APU hooked to the fighter to provide basic power for heating and minimum instruments, ready for a cold start on a hurried warning from the tower.


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[x] You wouldn't.

You look at her and smirk. “You wouldn't”

She hits play.

You're kind of surprised the girl in the recording hasn't screamed herself hoarse after a couple minutes. You shrug. “Could be anyone. I mean, for all we know that's you on th-”

You cut off when Joe's name rings across the tape loud and clear. Slider hits stop and looks over at you.

“I, uh.” You say, looking over at Wendy, who is very interested in whatever she's cooking.

“Mmm?” Slider says, smiling slightly. “You were saying something?”

[] Deny all knowledge, and pin it on Claire.
[] Insinuate she'll be just as loud when one of them finally gets Frank
[] Grab Wendy and head out.

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[x] It's a deal. You destroy all of them, and I won't say anything.

A large part of you wants to not care- it's her business, and as long as she's had the good sense to not start snapping pictures of Goose or Merlin, it's not really any of your problem.

Then again, it's your job to protect your witches, and as far as you figure it, their honor is included, even if they don't know it's been impinged.

“Deal. You destroy all of them, and I won't say anything.” You say, after a second.

She heaves a sigh of relief and opens up the camera, pulling out the spool of film and putting it in her pocket- without putting it into it's container. “Thanks, commander Bishop. I won't do it anymore.”

You snort. “At least not around me. Ya know, some of these girls, I'm sure, would be more than happy to do some legit shoots with you. You could always ask.”

She nods. “I-I'd thought about it, but with the war on...”

“Yeah, but after the war? Nothing to say a few of them wouldn't be happy to.”

“I'll keep it in mind.” She says. “So, uh... Kazanski is up in her office?”

“Yeah.” You say. “Go on and head up there. I don't know for sure why she wants to talk to you, but I can make a few guesses.”

“Yeah, so can I. Alright. And thanks again for... yeah.” She says, heading back up the hallway.

When she's out, Merlin asks. “D-do you think s-she was telling the truth?”

“She'd better have been.” You respond. “Now, Kitchen?”

Merlin nods, opening the closet door and looking outside, then waving for you to follow. “Y-yeah. S-she's either up there o-or down in the hangar.”

However, as it happens, she is in the kitchen, the plate of the few pieces of fried chicken out and a smaller plate of bones in front of her.

[] Figures. You just wanted the chicken for yourself!
[] Yo, the boss wants to talk to you. And bring the food.

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thread two for the night! kinda feels like we've been doing this a lot latley!

Old thread (while it lasts)


[x] Well, we're not done yet, let's see what's in the other doors.

“Well, we're not done yet.” You point out, pivoting to leave. “Let's see what's behind the other doors.”

She nods, her light flashing around to play right in front of you.

“This place seems pretty sturdy.” She points out, looking around at the low, half-barrel ceilings and the heavy doors you pass through. “I wonder where they were figuring the Squiddies would land?”

You shrug. “A lot of that is still classified, but I'm willing to be London, with attacks on most of the major airbases.” You say.

“Why's that?”

You pause a second before answering. “Well, you know they managed to get a lodgement in east Anglia and along the southern coast, only to get kicked back to the sea after a couple of months because what was left of the 8th in the ETO was re-tasked to tactical strikes at lower altitudes, and the invasion armies were available for immediate use.”

Mav nods. “We did study some history, but I was more interested in the war of northern aggression.” She says.

“Figures. Anyway, I figure they'd have 'learned their lesson' and gone after the place that hurt them the worst, and dropped a lot of forces on Britain. London, East Anglia, Scotland, all along the north...” You shake your head. “Be an interesting history scenario, a second invasion in the fifties. Most of the islands would be a radioactive hellhole, had it happened.”

“But barin wouldn't be.” Mav points out. “We're a couple miles from anything big.”

1/2 ( I think)

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ok, so, I do need to make chow after the OP goes up, there might be a small delay between it and the second post. I haven't actually managed to eat today, but I figured I could wait another couple minutes to get started on time, haha.

Past that, I have a can of monster. we goan make this happen!

right. archives here:

and pastebin character rundown here:

the pastebin's not a bad place to start if you want to jump in without doing a full archive binge.


All told, Slider doesn't look too angry as she drags you- by the wrist, no less- into one of the offices set along the back wall of the hangar and slams the door shut.

“Slider what-” you manage to blurt out before she turns around, leaning in close to your face, looking for something.

She leans back a second later. “Hmph. You look fine, how do you feel?”

“I feel fine. Shit, I'm not even tired. Slider what gives?” You ask.

“You sure?” She presses. “You're not just saying shit to make me shut up and leave you alone? You're actually fine, and not about to pass out drooling on your pillow?”

You nod. “Yeah, I'm fine. Hell, I feel better than I have in a while. I could eat, but-”

“Good.” She cuts you off again. “Then Ice is right.”

“Right? About what?” You ask, now completely confused.

“Your flying is killing you.” She responds.

You sigh. “Can we not start this shit again?” You ask, exasperated. “I mean-”

“We ain't starting shit. I threw the match so you didn't come back here dragging ass and half dead- again. Ice is right, something in either you or Merlin's talent is killing you both.”

1/2 (hopefully)

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Thread 2 for the night!

Thread 1 is here, while it lasts:


[x] This is as good as any chance we've had, let's get her!

You slam the fighter into a hard turn, breaking right and into a dive, chopping the throttles back so you don't overstress the fighter- even in it's cut down, high speed configuration, you're not sure just how much speed it can handle, and don't want to find out the hard way.

In a dive like this, you gain speed far, far faster than even a witch on full blowers- though you're careful to keep an eye split between the unwinding altimeter and your indicated airspeed. Screaming for earth at hundreds of feet a second, you're closing fast enough on Slider that you're almost- almost- surprised when she flips around, cutting her strikers and dropping like a rock out from under your gun sight before you were in range.

You rocket past in an instant, cutting your throttles down and riding the buffeting Wyvern through another hard turn, to find Slider closing again from your low three.

You key open your mic again, laughing to yourself as you turn into her attack, trying to keep just out of her shotgun's reach. While you're sure Merlin's shield could handle them, you'd rather save her the trouble right now- plus, you never know when you'll need them.


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We're witches. We do things that steelwings normally can't. We don't look at Frank Bishop doing the impossible and coming home to drop into a coma and think 'Oh wow that is the most awesome shit ever,' we think 'Oh God our pilot is dying!' Because he is! He keeps trying to play this like it's not a big deal but it is! I know he does his “I'm a pilot derp derp” act because he doesn't want us to worry, but we can't help it. I can't help it. I really, really can't help it, and Tabby's... Tabby is way worse off than I am.

"You were with him, right? He's not hurt is he?"

The Kraut witch that Frank TOTALLY FUCKING SMOKED is trying to get my attention. Hauptmann Young getting beat like a dishrag is some of the craziest, hottest flying I've seen our loveable dunce of an aviator pull off. I don't have a clue how Frank does it, but he's... got this way with steelwings. Nobody flies like he does. The Reds have got that cute little super fighter of theirs and Stalinka was pretty crazy when we first ran into her, but they ain't got shit on our Frank Bishop. Young talked a good game, but...

You know when you see someone decide to win a fight or a game after they've been losing? I saw it happen again with Frank today. He did it over Japan, over Berlin, and he did it again against one of the most skilled witches in service today. He just decided to win, so he did.

Yeah, he was bleeding out of his nose and looked ready to keel over. Tabby was worked up into a panic and almost picked a fight with a SpecOps witch over it and I think my heart actually did stop when I watched him turn on the juice, but he won. He's alive, and that's what counts. Right?

I think Ms. Young here is as impressed and frightened by how he did it as we all are, but she's not gonna let it show. I've seen that act before. Hell, I'm in the middle of it myself. She's gonna be a sour Kraut for a while, but she won't mind it all that much after a bit. Frank's kinda got that way about him.

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[x] “Crystal”

You look at her, frustration mounting- along with a healthy dose of anger- you understand her worrying, sure, but there's also a point at which you should expect they'd understand what's critical and what isn't, and this certainly isn't.

“Crystal.” You respond, your voice dead, betraying none of the emotions.

She pauses, her face softening. “Look, Frank, I-”

“C'mon, Merlin. Let's go get checked out and get some chow. Kenji, you coming?” You ask, turning away- after all, you acknowledged her order, so now personal conversation goes by the side. Kenji shakes his head.

“No sir, but Samantha and I had plans for lunch, if that's no trouble.” He responds.

You look down at Merlin, who's blushing a bit. “W-we did.” She confirms. “S-sorry for not saying a-anything.”

“Nah, no trouble. Let's go.” You say, walking past Ice without looking twice at her.


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[x] We both know that's just because we've been stuck in quiet areas. Alright, line it up, let's see how good she really is.

You snort. “We both know that's just because we've been stuck in quiet areas.” You say, closing the folder. “Alright, line it up, let's see how good she really is.”

Ice nods, taking the folder and putting the rest on a shelf. “These are all the aggressor witches, if you want read through them. We're probably going to have to do this every week, except for a few cases.”

“Awful lot of leeway.” You note, standing up- Merlin having long since relocated to a chair of her own.

Ice shrugs. “If we were training, yeah. But we're not, this is something else. Once your flight against her is done, you'll have to select from the remaining three, once they're all done, we'll repeat the process. You'll probably be flying against some witches two or three times.”

“Sounds easy enough.” You say. “Speaking of witches, where are they all?”

“We were in a briefing, actually.” Slider says, walking into the office like she owns the place, as usual.

She looks over at Wendy before looking at Ice. “How was the vacation?”

“Grandma left me a rifle.” Ice responds. “It'll take a chunk out of battleship armor that's about the size of your head.”

“She-” Slider pauses, then turns, slowly, to look at you. “Somehow,” She says, her voice low and dangerous. “Somehow I get the impression that relaxing wasn't at all what happened in London.”

[] Egress the area immediately. Make for the kitchen, maybe? Georgette doesn't allow violence in the kitchen!
[] Well, actually... (Explain what happened in London, excluding nothing.)
[] Slider, you're being rude. Can we at least introduce you to Wendy?

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