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Don't forget that GSC acolytes cost more money than they do points per model.

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Because you wouldn't think that women would play the faceless horde of ever hungry space dinosaurs, but then they do.

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If you think tyranids can be cancer right now, lol.

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Sphess Dinobugs A BEST

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Nids a QTer!

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>Nid codex finally in PDF form
The Hive Mind delivers at last! I plan on buying it for myself soon anyway, but its just so nice to have it in pdf form as well.

On that note, can my fellow nidbro's help me out with a rules question?
If I use Hive Fleet Jormundandr, I lost the cover bonus if I charge or advance.
Do I get to keep the cover bonus if I fail said charge? I'm assuming that I lose it, but it would be nice to know.
For example, Stealers pop out of a tunnel with a Trygon. The Stealers try to charge, but fail to do so. Do they get cover in this instance or not?

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ah come on, it can't get any more ridiculous than a broodlord.

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I was only planning on running a Screamer Killer + Old One Eye wrecking ball anyway

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hey man, its only a 66% if they have adrenal glands and from behemoth.

they do

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what's going on in this thread?

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