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I can smell the G*rmanic seethe coming off this post.

Ever since Diocletian the empire was split into two halves. I'm pretty sure that factually speaking the Eastern empire was located to the east of the Western empire.

>They weren't Roman
So again, you acknowledge that either Carus or Carinus was the last Roman emperor? Because Diocletian ruled from Nicomedia and since him Rome would never again be the formal capital of either the East or the West.

The only argument you can make here is that with the death of the principate, you no longer had a "first among equals" Imperator in charge of a Rome but a tyrant following the Persian model. Which leads me to once again ask if you believe that Carus and/or Carinus was the last Roman emperor.

So basically, for you to be right you need to believe two things:
2. Rome perished during the Crisis of the Third Century.

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Absolutely disgusting

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>Early Modernity
>A Corsican ascends from his armpit of an island to Paris, much like how Caesar ascended from Rome to Gaul, and restores the dream of Rome restored
>He rids the world of the abomination known as the "Holy" "Roman" "Empire"
>His Russian invasion goes to shit, but it's cool because everything can still be salvaged
>He's beaten by the Germans at Leipzig
>Not the Germans opposing him mind you, the Germans in his OWN FUCKING ARMY
>Trust the Kraut, get blown the fuck out

>Late modernity
>Two World Wars and one European Genocide
>Need I say more?

>The aforementioned "master race" violates supranational legislation to force once proud Levantines destroyed by the Synagogue of Satan into European lands where they efuse to learn the language, adapt to local customs and outbreed the local population but degenerate Germanic politicians tell their people that it's okay because "they do the work nobody else wants to do" (where have I heard this story before?)

>/tg/ today
>"Germans are the only humans"

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>In the days of Rome, Betas like OP (assuming they could afford decent education) would be drilled in the art of oratory
>Nowadays oratory as a school subject is dead and we instead have muh diversity classes
The fuck happend to the art of public speaking as a subject of education? Why don't high schools dedicate like one hour a week to this, teaching students both the rational and emotional/evocative elements of it?
>Inb4 not relevant
Name ONE middle-to-high education field where public speaking isn't important. Even if you want to be some kind of hipster underground techno musician you'll need to know how to sell yourself. Let alone university students, who were supposed to be the new elites before college education became a joke and diplomas barely worth more than the paper they're printed on.

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Medieval is a period of a thousand years. Roman legions existed from the Late Republic to the Fall of the Western Empire, a period of roughly 500 years. And then there's the fact that the Roman Empire in the East continued to exist throughout almost the entirety of the Middle Ages.

Not only are your terms way too broad, but there is going to be a huge, insurmountable technology gap between the two in most scenarios (unless it's like late Western Empire elite units vs Charlemagne's paladin or something). It's like asking if a Napoleonic Old Guard could take on a US Marine.

>The history of the Roman Empire was defined by their inability to handle heavy cavalry, it's the one thing they have been perennially poor at defeating.
Though in the Imperial days, a lot of their cavalry was auxilia from territories they conquered. The Romans were pretty good at absorbing whatever worked from their enemies, as evidenced by their legions using Gallic chainmail and Spanish swords after figuring out that the Greek hoplite model didn't work out for them too well.

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Why the fuck not? Give me ONE reason why I should have a blanket ban on princesses joining the party? Especially when "noble" is already an optional background in 5e.

She's a qt, as is her party.

>This pleb doesn't want to marry a brighthaired, savage, warrior queen from the far North and effectively create an alliance between her confederation of tribes and your house in case there's another crazy emperor who decides to invade the fucking desert because his horse ordered it or something
I bet you're not even republican too.

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Could you just fucking tell us who your waifu is from so we don't have to play the guessing game or google search.

Is it the filename? At least say so. That could just be her character name. Would that give the source? Let me see.


Oh boy it's the character.


At least link the fucking source next time bastard if you ever want your interests to grow. Goddamn.

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Fucking what.
Does he need to be handed a pregen for 5th edition?

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>Implying "Roman" and "Barbarian" aren't the only two cultures on earth

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>What is better than bravery
Virtue. I personally maintain that Roman virtue is why Rome ended up defeating Carthage. Carthage was a merchant republic, one that relied mostly on paying others to fight for them. Rome, on the other hand, relied on this sense of "Romannness" and made sure that only those who had served in its armies for at least 10 years could hold public offices. Every politician, through his military career, was engrained with a sense of selflessness, the idea of serving the common cause, a love for Rome itself and most of all he saw his subjects as "his" boys. Not like the Carthaginians who solved their problems by throwing money at it. Even when they had the genius Hannibal on their side, they lost on every front where Hannibal wasn't directly involved. Meanwhile Rome's power wasn't in brilliant generals, but its ability to persevere and come back from any defeat stronger than before. That is until virtue collapsed, Germanic barbarians took over the Roman military from the inside and Christianity filled the hole Roman virtue ethics left behind.

In other words: bravery is what keeps a warrior running, discipline is what keeps an army running, virtue is what keeps a civilization running.

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>Return Palestina to a divided people that have effectively become a non-factor in global politics
>That will prevent the Muslims from conquering the city their prophet claimed would fall to Islam
That city is not Jerusalem FYI.

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>They're not humans
>So I'm going to torture them in games, even though in the games they're people
Put your fucking trip on, faggot.

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Poison the capital, march your armies in and declare yourself the new emperor, you Carthaginian catamite!

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>Paddling a ferocious Gaul female warrior
You'd better do that to discipline her into becomeing your loyal mindbroken bodyguard who will defend you until death.

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A contubernium?

>The Civil War has ended, Augustus reigns as emperor and the Romans know relative peace for the first time
>The Parthians are still leering at Rome's eastern border though
>Augustus is worried, but not worried enough to send an army (he's busy with the Germanians at this time)
>He sends a diplomat (DMPC) to Persepolis, along with a centurion (either the DMPC or the PC party leader) and a contubernium of legionaires (the party)
>These soldiers from all over the empire* depart from Rome by boat, landing in Palestine and moving on by foot from there
>On the way there, they are attacked by various pirates
>After landing in Palestine, they feast on impossible amounts of bread and fish
>They move into Parthian lands where desert raiders fall upon them
>They finally arrive in Persepolis, mission complete!
>However, negotiations between the Roman diplomat (DMPC remember?) and the Parthian representatives aren't going well
>The Parthians are acting much more cocky than their known military power would allow
>The Centurion doesn't feel right about this (assuming he's a DMPC) or is asked to invastigate in secret for the Roman diplomat (assuming the centurion is a PC party leader)
>After some investigation, they discover the Parthians are developing some superweapon (either mundane or supernatural in nature, your choice)
>This superweapon would be enough to wipe Rome off the map, despite Parthia's military inferiority in both quality and quantity
>It is up to one centurion and somewhere between 4 and 8 legionaires to save the empire

*I don't know what system you're using, but you could have different "classes" based on the geographic origins of these soldiers. You could have Roman legionaires, Gallo-Roman auxiliaries, Samnite auxiliaries etc.

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>2015 AD
>Not making your Elves proto-Romans

>"Those dwarves make nice tools, let's conquer the shit out of them so they can make tools for us"
>"Those humans make nice clothes, let's conquer the shit out of them so they can make tools for us"
>"Those orcs make nice dakka, let's conquer the shit out of them so they can make dakka for us"
>"Those halflings... uhmmm.... look, we're running out of races to conquer ok?"

Bonus points for actually justifying their superiority complex this way.

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Constantinople in the Middle Ages was what Paris was during the 18th century or what New York and Los Angeles are today: the heart of the worlds academics, arts, culture and finances. Today Spain alone translates more books in a year than the Arabs translated in a thousand years. But don't take my word on this almost incredible fact, take the UN's word instead.

Page 78, bottom right.

One could say that Islam is almost the exclusive reason why the Middle East is in the state it is in today.

As much as I dislike Arabs, Khalid ibn Walid was one hell of a general and probably carried most of the early Muslim expansions on his shoulders exclusively. As long as he's around, I doubt the Sassanids and Romans being in a better position would make much of a difference, unless that someone means producing generals of the calibre of Belisarius.

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>Unwashed, pants-wearing Germanic barbarian ridicules the inventors of philosophy and rhetorics
>Calls himself a Roman

Western "Rome" is about as Roman as its armies.

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>Rome remained both incredibly cosmopolitan and incredibly Martial
Nigga please, Rome did not become cosmopolitan until it stopped being martial, and Rome becoming cosmopolitan was the beginning of the end.

The height of Roman power was not the empire but the republic. Let me tell you about the Roman Republic: you had to have had at least ten whole years of military service before you could even enter the lowest positions in the Roman senate. Every single senator, from the lowest pleb to the highest consul, had at least ten years of experience in sleeping in a ditch, washing himself with old urine and hacking his way through a pool of blood and unwashed barbarians for the Republic. Naturally this resulted in extremely loyal senators, which makes it unsurprising that every dictator (except one upstart that ruined everything) gave power back to the Senate and People after six months had passed. Every one except Caesar. Marian reforms even ensured that even the lowliest, poorest peasant could enter military service as equipment would be provided for him by the state. This means that any lowly peasant who could survive ten years of military service could one day dream of becoming a consul, theoretically speaking.

The problem with the empire is that people became decadent, lazy, and eventually conscription was more or less abolished. The empire faced a crisis and lacked good soldiers. This is why, only in the 3rd century AD, Roman citizenship was extended to all within the Roman Empire and not just those in Rome proper and a select group of others. THIS is the point where Rome becomes cosmopolitan, and the point where shit hits the fan. This is also the point where unwashed Germanic borderhoppers who don't speak Latin and refuse to adapt to Roman customs settle in Roman lands and do the work nobody else wants to do anymore: fighting. Of course, when push comes to shove, these borderhopping immigrants are more loyal to their tribes than to Rome.

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Out of all the things you could have possibly picked to whine about about the nature of character creation, the fact that a character with the elite array has to have a flaw is the one you go for?
Nigga, are you serious?
There's no way you can be serious.

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>Not recognizing pasta
I'll let you decide, anon.

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