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>Also the inquisitor is Shia labeouf
Are you saying you wouldn't watch that movie?
Also, you forgot pandering to China in there. Not sure what it'd be, but it'd be in there.

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I need your help!
I ebay'd a "converted" gorbad ironclaw (just a head and arms swap, and then the boar had a spikey shoulder pad on its head) with all the gorbad bits, BUT! For whatever god damn reason, the chain is missing from his axe arm! Should I try and track down another bit?!
Should I super glue, link by link, some replacement chain in place?!
What do I do?!
I'm freaking out man!!!
>mfw I'm freaking out

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Oh. I mean, furry futa waifus are okay, I guess, but sometimes you just want to fistfight a sexy succubus into fucking, you know?
I remember hearing a lot that that was what a lot of the donors were turning the game into. Kinda lame.

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