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I want to make a monster for an upcoming game based on this quote.

Idea 1: A flesh monster with regeneration and absorption that slowly flesh-fuses with an opponent every round that they both damage eachother. If the monster completely fuses with the opponent before it is killed it, adds HD and flailing bladed arms to its roiling fleshy body.

Idea 2: A monster that fights like a generic demon but possesses any opponent that kills it, similar to that guy from WH40K.

Idea 3: An amorphous void-monster which attacks foes willpower. Those who succumb are fixated on the void and drawn into it. They emerge as negative energy shades. As a secondary attack, the creature can burn an opponent's psyche from the inside out, leaving a brainless husk.

I could also just combine all three. I don't want to inflame edition wars by saying the system, but if anyone cares its a level 7 DND 3.5 one shot with players who are skilled at min-maxing and character building.

What do you guys think of those? Also if anybody else wants to share concept ideas for new monsters that would be cool.

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