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>This is an oddity where I can't find them being used much, only find 3rd party stuff from taht period of chaos dwarfs.
>This is more for chaos dwarfs then they had in

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So we've moved form they have no reason to seek asylum to their case for asylum isn't a right to be automatically accepted.
>caravans were bullshit anyway
>funded by NGOs
Yes, humanitarian crisis like that do usually involve organizations and groups providing support, though how that's related to the rights of asylum seekers is beyond me.

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> pointless anger
> pretending to be dumb
> low-tier insults a kindergarten child would choose to laugh upon
> now moving goalposts
Anon, this is precisely while I said it's a waste of time trying to discuss with apparent armchair theorists. Sooner or later you guys run of fumes and switch to howler monkey tactics and rusty, overplayed tricks.

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Look at him go.

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