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"No!" I grab Julie's hand, "My sister's affairs are private! She wants this to be a secret, then it's my job as her sister to keep it a secret!"

Julie gives me 'that' look.

"I mean, you're not curious? Or concerned? Not even a little?"
"If she wants me to be concerned, she'll tell me!"

She's smiling.
"Not even a liiiiiiittle curious?"
"I mean, you don't want to just walk over there and listen, and maybe see if -"

"I'm not spying on my sister."

"Well, Aren't you at least curious about it then?"


"I mean, your sister is entering a very difficult challenge all by herself. Aren't you at least curious what she's up against?"

"W-well, I mean, a little, but-"
"So, you DO want to find out what she's up to then, don't you?"

"No! My sister's privacy is her privacy. That's final! If she wants me to know, then she can tell me!"
"Well, here she comes now. So I guess it's too late to pry, anyway."

"I'm done." Kaori announces as her and Maeda both rejoin our group, "So, where did you want to go today? We could try that nice new-"

Suddenly, an idea hits me!


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You guys did fantastic. You missed a lot of pitfalls that I had set up very early in the quest.

Since we are at the end of the main storyline, I'll share a few that you missed.

>Mom's health deteriorating because of drafting.
>Kaori running away, never to be seen again
>The Chairman using his magic over Mom
>None of the cards resurrecting (wouldn't have happened if you had not disabled the sigil!)
>Saving Tower
>Saving The Chairman

>Really that entire final battle wasn't supposed to go that way. I had art and a storyline lined up about fighting Asai head-on. Diplomacy and hugs save the day once again.

And finally
>Entering a romantic relationship, but you kind of shut this one down early in the quest so it's to be expected.

It really is, isn't it? Would you believe I had originally anticipated this quest to be 30 threads long? I'm glad it didn't! It went some pretty wild places!

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I kinda knew this is what would happen with Mirror Shield when we freed her: She'd become dependent and fragile after being hit with wave after wave of regret for all the things she did to friends and family.

I wanted it
Fragile little sister is exactly the outcome I asked for

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