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Uh oh.

Slowly my head gently inches down until it meets the pillow once more. My eyes gently shut, and I mumble below my breath.

"No, I'm not."

"Yes, you were." She insists.

My eye opens, and staring back at me is Kaori's beautiful blue eyes. Oh, and that stern glare on her face.
"What have I said about staring at me while I sleep?" She huffs.

My eye closes again, and I only respond with an "Umm."

"Masami, if you want to stare at me, you should wait until I'm awake."

Quickly, without warning, my body lurches forward and grabs her into a hug!

Her bare skin presses against my PJs, and she weakly returns the gesture with a scoff.
"Masami, seriously." She breathes into my hair, "I'm your sister, not your teddybear."

"But, you could be both!"

She ignores that, "If you want to hug and stare, wait until I'm dressed and awake."

"But, I like it like this." I pull her tighter into the hug with a squeeze.

"You like it when I'm asleep and undressed?"
"No! Wait! I didn't mean it that way!"

"Suure." I can almost feel her rolling her eyes. "We should wake up, we've overslept by like, an hour."

I let go of her, she rises from the bed and grabs her clothes from the drawer.
"I-I'm really serious though, I didn't mean it that way!" I try to save face.

"Just get dressed, and stop staring at me here, too."


We emerge from our bedroom, on the second floor of our new house. It overlooks the dining room, and we can clearly see everyone gathered for breakfast.
This new place is great. There's a room for everybody!

Even Aina and Aiko, who haven't quite found the courage to return home just yet.

"Morning." Kaori yawns while I tag along behind her. I hope I'm not blushing.

"Hi sweeties!" Mom is beaming with that warm smile of hers. "How did you sleep last night?"

>Change the subject
>Talk about Aiko and Aina, if they're thinking of returning to their home soon.
>Greet everyone and ignore that question.
>Let Kaori answer

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I think about this question for what feels like a lifetime. Though, I know only a couple minutes have passed.

"..agree with Kaori."

Kaori beams with happiness, but Mom seems to pout just a little.
Mom, please don't be like that.

"I think-" I try to gather what my thoughts are with clarity, "that the ones who should be present to judge Asai should be the ones he helped create."

"If that's what you want to do, Masami." Mom smiles warmly. "Don't wait too long to make this decision. We don't want him escaping again."
"No, no. First thing in the morning." I think about everyone who will be there. "We're going to do this after breakfast."

"In the meantime." Mom stands up, "I think you two should sleep in here tonight."

"Because someone has to keep watch just in case Asai escapes overnight."

"I'll do it." I say, without a hint of hesitation about missing my bedtime.

"No, I'm going to keep watch." Mom crosses her arms. "You two get a good night sleep, and I'll be on the lookout for any mysterious doors popping up overnight.

"Fine." Kaori and I say in unison.
Was she thinking of all-night slumber party, like I was?!



I feel a slight shaking sensation.
Ugh, is it time to wake up already?

I sit up in bed and notice that the entire bed is FLOATING IN SPACE!

"Masami." A pair of hands put themselves on my shoulders. "Masami, calm down. We need to talk." Kaori is sitting next to me. She's wearing her typical almost-nothing for bedwear.

"What?! Why here?! Why in space?!"
"Masami." Kaori remains firm, "I know Mom colors your decisions a lot. So while she cannot hear us; I want you to tell me. Is this really what you want to do with Asai?"

>I really don't know.
>I want to heal him, but I don't know how.
>I wish we could just get through to him.
>I don't care as long as life goes back to normal.

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Like one very bored girl sitting on the bench next to me. Phooey.
Maybe the bird in the tree above me, it lets out a gentle chirp before flying North. Most of the birds seem to be flying away from the stone goliath in town.

Or, how about that worried girl not more than a few blocks away? She scrambles in the direction of the park, frantically checking her phone every few paces.

Huh, there's something interesting. There's a boy, just a little older than I am, fighting off what seem to be soul-less beings of stone. He slices straight through them with ease, and even laughs about it!

A girl, very similar to that boy, seems more interested in her phone. Her fingers fly across its glass face as she occasionally lifts her arm to stop the occasional marble soldier.

An older woman, in what seems to be some kind of holy attire? A dress? A priest's garb? She's busy setting up tiny sheets of paper in a circle. A concrete warrior watches her intently.

There's another older woman in the direction of the park. She carries a small, crying girl in her arms. She also has another one tugging on her dress.

There's A couple of other interesting sights: A woman and a man, both of which are at least as old as Mom, searching around town. Occasionally, they stop and destroy a statue.

One last thing I can feel in the peripheral of my mind. At the center of what seems to be a massive network of stone and concrete: a single humanoid shape with his arms crossed. He glows warmly compared to his brethren and has a spiteful smile on his face.

"(Well?)" My meditation is interrupted.

>We'll go after the girl who is frantically checking her phone. It's probably just Masami.
>There's a boy and a girl almost my age nearby, I think they're my friends. Let's go see them.
>There's some adults nearby. I think one of them is Mom.
>Another is wearing some kind of priestess outfit. Maybe.. Marie?
>The other two are a mystery, probably the Principal or something. Let's go find out.

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I can't stand seeing her so sullen. It's almost as if she can barely stay asleep.

Gently, she turns over to face me in her sleep. Her breath seems to quicken in pace, and her eyes start rapidly darting from side to side.

It really feels that I should do something to soothe her. Quietly, I lay back down next to her and hug her close.
Her sleep seems to return to the normal, quiet pace that I'm used to. Especially considering that she seems to wrap her arms around me as tightly as she can.

Her newly restful slumber comes to an end, slowly she starts to stir and squirm in my grasp. She groans as she tries to free herself.

"Masami, what are you doing?"
"You looked like you needed some help sleeping."

She grunts in frustration and squirms out from under my grip, sitting up on the bed.
I sit up next to her and laugh, "So, what were you going to do today?"

"Isn't it obvious? Today I'm going to find out where Dad wants to meet me. Then I'm going to go there."

>"Hold on, don't you want me to scout out or anything first?"
>"Maybe we should instead see what Mom has to say before you do that."
>Don't say anything, but plan to scout ahead of her anyway!
>Don't say anything, you're going to be following her secretly the whole time, anyway!

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