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>For instance, no "gator people" or "dragon people". It evinces a small mind. Go hog-wild.

I'm getting mixed signals. No gators or dragons, but hogs are okay? Fuck hogs.

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They live in Texas.

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I said hogs, not pigs. The hogs don't even have good meat on them.

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From the texas government's website on game hunting

>Can I wipe out a hog population through hunting or trapping?

>The feral hog has managed to survive, adapt, and increase their numbers despite attempts at population control. While it is possible to keep the population in check with continuous control, it is highly unlikely to eradicate a hog population within an established range.

>Should I stock feral hogs?

>No, feral hogs are prolific breeders and can cause considerable damage. They can destroy habitat, and compete directly or indirectly with all other species of wildlife. While many hunters might like hogs as part of the lease, the adverse effects often counter any potential economic incentives. TPWD considers feral hogs nuisance animals and does not support the introduction of feral hogs. Feral hogs are considered an under-utilized resource on many Texas ranges.

TL;DR: Wild pigs are the enemy of all living creatures. Show them no mercy in this holy war against them. That we're losing

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