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"These glyphs bear the heraldic designs and colouration of numerous Necron dynasties; some are minor, some very powerful, but all, Szeras knows, have accepted the mastery of his patron. All do that being’s will."
So did the Stormlord bend the knee?

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The C'tan are now the slaves of the supreme Necron race and this should not be changed. The fact that the necrons enslaved their gods is a key part of their ancient imperious aesthetic. The Phaerons do not serve, they rule

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Yeah that for sure what it's gonna be. I hope the silent king is gonna be lord of war though, he needs to be strong.

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>if he's so smart how come he had to wait for chaos to extinguish the space fire

Farsight and his Enclaves are on the other side of the fire.


>Also adeptus mechanicus, tyranids, tzeench and the emperor

All of them are inferior to Imotekh who is canonically the greatest strategic mind in the galaxy as well as the most accomplished.

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