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>n-no u

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No, she did not!

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Right. Well, there aren't any fun diversions to be had with Neptune's junk, so you might as well move along to the one last thing you gotta do. Neptune claimed she's keeping that other Key Fragment in her bedroom drawers. You remember this very clearly because Blanc called her a goddamn genius for doing so, and there's no way you're forgetting /that/ once-in-a-lifetime occurrence.

Since you don't even want to bother pulling the goddesses away from their gaming session, you start rifling through Neptune's panties again.

That's not a phrase you ever thought you'd be using in a million years, but there it fucking is. You're just about elbows-deep in the damn things. Seems she favors the classic shimapan design, so there're enough stripes here that you half expect zebras to come bolting out, their camouflage ruined by your rummaging hands.

Just when you're about to give up, your hands encounter the unmistakable texture of... a rock. You've found the Planeptune Key Fragment, and just like all the other Key Fragments, it's a rock so aggressively mundane that even you can't tell what kind of a rock it's supposed to be. If you'd been paying more attention when you'd picked the first thing up, that right there should've raised a big red flag in your glitchy little mind.

... you're so busy chuckling about how you failed to pay attention back then that you fail to pay attention /again/.

There's some resistance as you start pulling out the Planeptune Key Fragment. Before your mind wakes up to that little fact, you've already pulled the Key Fragment free. In response, something in the drawer clicks loudly, audible even over the sounds of Neptune getting horribly defeated in-game.


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no. But it does involves some lay on hands if you know hat I mean

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so being gay is an opinion now?

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