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No, just go play grand theft auto with cheats on.

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Pic related

>DM rewards the players that go around killing and stealing by giving out rare items with only jobber bounty hunters going after the party
>Refuses to talk to or even give the players any sort of resistance or challenge because of their actions

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Oh wow anon you're so edgy and hilarious for being a cunt to people for le ebin maymays
What a fucking master of comedy

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Its so mature and adult of you to be an asshole to everyone at every possible opportunity. What a grown-up and not childishly spiteful person you are

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Yeah what faggots. I can't imagine ever being nice to anyone. Imagine not spending your whole life being misanthropic and rude to everyone

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I have a civilisation of spiderfolks that have a hard time figuring out social behaviours due to mostly coming from solitary predators but are actually well better than they give themselves credits for. They think themselves as pic related, only holding on civilisation through rigid discipline and harsh laws not realising they are actually relatively chill when they don't worry about it. Their rulers are gigantic paranoid matriarchs that are absolutely convinced their strong hands (pedipalps?) is the only thread holding their civilisation together and away from barbarism.

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That depends. Why are you applying sneak attack damage?

Is it because you are stealthed? Because if so, no; the first attack breaks stealth. You can immediately make an attempt to stay hidden, but it's at -20. Unless you succeed, you're revealed, and all the other attacks will not inflict sneak attack.

Is it because they're denied their Dex to AC, such as because they are stunned? Rape them with sneak attack on every hit.

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>I should have the freedom to play what I want, decks that I don't play are worthless
>Yeah, what kind of faggot cares about format health, we should just play what we want !

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This picture but with clanrats instead of people.

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I suppose if I pointed out that altruism is also a natural human instinct you'd say that doesn't have anything to do with it because

>muh rules of nature

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I don't have that one, but I have the original.

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I do. The Tyranids represent destruction in the most primal sense. Facing Chaos breaks down to a battle of ideologies, but Tyranids is about survival against complete and utter annihilation. Sure, if Chaos wins then the Imperium will fall but humanity will live on.

The Chaos v Tyranid dick measuring doesn't make sense to me because I think they represent different things.

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Shourido can bring the empire only to the ruin, as it turns everyone into a disfunctional edgelord.

Shourido society is literally picrelated.

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Edgefags like OP don't know anything about the morals they claim to hate. They pretty much want freedom of consequence, and being able to be evil without repercussions (such as the hero getting sick of their shit and killing them) is the ultimate wet dream of these degenerates.

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Played a naga in a pretty fun homebrew (other characters included a griffon and a particularly competent kobold). His method of dealing with mice and rats in inns was "I see one, imma eat it." He'd also sleep up in trees all coiled up (and would let the kobold come with when she wanted) and would frequently flick his tongue in new places to familiarize himself.
Anyway, guess the fetish.

Pic unrelated

This probably didn't need a sequel unless you're making something yourself. Let it go for a week or so.

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Goddamn anon. I've been in almost this *exact* situation. There were 12 players, but it was also an in-person game, not roll20. I was the only cleric, in a party full of rogues. Three people never played before, two or three of the players were edgelords, and I too got killed because for some reason I got singled out while the party was too busy touching themselves to be of any use.

Pic far too related. The edgelords ended up infecting the newbies. DM gave me a pity rez with a local temple of my god pulling my corpse out of the street, but by that time the "party" had already started to burn half the town and declare themselves lords of the local castle. By that point, I was just fucking out. Not worth it.

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It's people like you who are why they can pull off charging this much in the first place.

Yes, you ought to pay something for what it's worth. If I freelance comission an illustration, I will be requesting a fee determined by hours spent, the size/dimensions of a piece, the resources going into producing it, delivery, the use the client intends and what I need to make ends meet. I know the training and money spent on my part to acquire these talents. I won't make a full illustration for 15$. I deserve to be paid a wage befitting of my efforts.

Likewise, a 100$ boardgame sold in a FLGS is usually only bringing in about 7$ net worth income for the store itself. In actuality, it costs about 25$ to physically manufacture the game. The publisher sells it to the FLGS for 50$ to turn a profit. FLGS in turn retails at 100$, to make a profit, however modest. I get it. Price has to be adjusted for positive returns.

Perhaps it's true that they need to cost more because they're moving less of these figures, since on average an army collector is only going to purchase one for his force.

Having said that, you're full of shit thinking GW is basing these prices based on such fair. Remember Finecast? Supposedly would be cheaper and a better alternative to metal and more feasible than plastic? Cost more, was shitty. Magically produce plastic singles without trouble, but manage to be more expensive than metal OR finecast.

Or how about the Dire Avengers box? Used to contain 10, but suddenly with the codex update, the new DA set contains just five. For the same 35$.

If the prices were costly but seemed rooted in a fair process, there wouldn't be an issue. The problem is the company isn't being fair- they're being sleazy. The prices are based on what they can get away with, not what is a fair exchange. THAT is why OP is pissed, you arrogant, terrible man.

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