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Funnily enough, very short-barreled harquebuses were the first commonly-available firearms, in the mid 15th century. Even smaller pistol balls from short firearms would punch right through chainmail.

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so does real armor

turns out armor isn't made of inch thick steel

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Anyone got the "Its magic, I don't gotta explain shit" pic?

dumping gunners

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Medieval only?

*Self bow (primitive, cheap)
*Recurve bow
*Laminated bow
*Short/horse bow
*Long bow
*Bullet/Pellet bow
*Steel bow
*Hand Ballista

*Gastraphetes aka, Belly Bow
*Light Crossbow
*Heavy Crossbow
*Siege Crossbow
*Crossbow Pistol
*Bullet/Pellet crossbow
*Repeating Crossbow

*Throwing Knife
*Throwing Axe

*Staff Sling
*Sling shot

*Early complex firearm (Arquebuses, muskets)
*Compound Bow
*Dual Bow
*Great Bow

Just off the top of my head. I'll dump pics. First up is the Handgonne

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....Yeah, not gonna happen.

In other news, my buddy recently got that engraved breastplate and spaulders from Armstreet, and they are GORGEOUS.

....Are you our larpfag Strayan?

Short answer: Practice and eyeballing measurements, like most smiths today still do. Industrial application is a whole nother ball of wax.

I promise you, there is a brig or breastplate under the surcote in this pic.

> full breastplates were a late middle ages thing
> cast a full breastplate out of a single piece of metal

Nigga, you what? You don't cast steel (and they cast bronze plates in the bronze age), and you start seeing breastplats in the late 1200's

Dent your helmet on to your head, and probably concuss/kill you. Mass x Acceleration / surface area = dead

Unf. that detail shot.

It did not have full plate like you see later, but yes, they had the beginnings of plate. Ablative plates, including polyens, bracers, rearebraces, greaves and even discoid breastplates were seen pointed to maille. Its expensive, but it did exist as early as the first crusade.

Also, the crusades covers hundreds of years. WHICH crusade?

Unf. Burgundy had some sexy stuff. Shame about their whole country being absorbed.

Why would that be terrifying? I see that two to three times a week.

>Thou should decline on seconds, for thou shalt need armour for a multitude of chins!

That, or leather covered plates. The Osprey book mentions that we've found proof of both.

Burgundian fluted Chappel Du Fer.

Kettlehats are for peasants and heretics. Sallet master race.

A morion is just a crested chappel du fer. Pic related.

Type 4 topfhelm

13thC Scots looked much like 12thC English. I am not being a dick either.

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Chappelle du fer, or Kettle helm. That is just a deeper one with eye slots. Tilt it back top, and it sits like a normal kettle helm. Tilt it forward for arrows and sieges.

Again, we can blame the Victorians. TONS of these in storage, but its not "knightly" and impressive so museums used to keep them off the floor.

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