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One shoult not confuse the Guilty with the True Ideal. The Guilty are simply Architects who attempt to hold on to some sort of moral code, policing their ranks.

The True Ideal's members strive to become those personifications you mention: their ranks included the Ruthful Babe and the Dean.

The Red Sox Folly carried out by the Ruthful Babe was not a curse but an action of sacrifice for his home city. It was due to this that there was sufficient latent power stockpiled for the GIs to carry the banner of the American Dream during the Second World War.

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My character had a box of puppies which he would keep in temporal stasis. The puppies never aged and he could pull them out when he needed them.

He used them to make moral armour.

You wouldn't shoot a man with puppy armour would ya?

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You are now aware that the word "punk" from which cyberpunk derives was originally a london term for young male prostitutes.

So what systems would work best to run a game about a group of cyberpunk male prostitutes?

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