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Wow, is SKT really that bad? I'd heard mixed things, but there were a bunch of reviews of people who really liked the open world/LotR feel

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Anyone have experience creating a game with randoms online that actually went well? I'm about to go insane during quarantine and half a step away from making LFG posts in a couple places with me as the DM, but the only thing keeping me away from it is the plethora of horror stories that come about from games like that.
Did anyone have it go well, and what did you do to make it go well?

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Listen. Listen man. I drank like a bottle of wine. I can surprisingly write better code than I can do simple math in my head so I put it in code. stop judging. OK? it's my bday tomorrow and I've no one to celebrate with just let me add up some numbers.

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Nabby Von Steel
>Warrior (Half orc)
Krump M.
Sebastian Vlatxy (read Vladzy)
Alex Enderzon
Alex Enderzon

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An enclave of demon hunters? I was looking for the bakery. Anyone got directions?

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I am not a clever man.

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Didn't you get him as a companion in the Emiya scenario? Or did I read that wrong?
Ah I see

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Fuck. My page didn't update properly until after I posted.

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>Late to the party, but you seem like you're overreacting to me.
>pic related
Someone needs to look in a mirror. There they shall find a hippo from Crete.

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Oh I guess you are right

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Am I the only one who confuses SJ-Chan and Strike-chan?

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>A computer file with negative file size
Since I did not understand what does this do I will go with >>54113293

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I was holding concentration on a spell and then cast Suggestion on an enemy, who was immune to charm and the spell failed.

Did I lose my original concentration spell or not? Suggestion requires concentration but the spell never really happened as the target was immune. But I did try and I did spend the spell slot.

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Yes, that's the correct word, I had a brainfart and couldn't figure it out, thanks

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hey there folks. im in need of a bit of assistance tonight. the rundown is that im currently playing in a monstrous campaign that is ecl 8. we have 3 players and a newer gm. i need a class that meshes well with minotaur for a meatshield type character that can protect the softer members of my group. we currently have a dragonfire adept and a bard in addition to my minotaur but im not sure what class will help me to soak damage and allow some martial battlefield control. i considered warblade or crusader but my int is kinda soft at 11. we have some powergaming but i dont intend to overwhelm the gm with some cheese or to try anything too outrageous. i have access to almost all books and the gm is rather open to splatbooks and dragon mags as long as i can point to a definitive source either online or in our library of books. if there is any information i neglected to post that would be helpful please dont hesitate to ask.

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How to be a smart wizard?

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>Inactive Cards
An inactive card retains its printed characteristics (name, card type, faction, cost, subtypes, in uence, etc). Note “Facedown Runner Cards” on page 6 are an exception.

I don't get it.

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Burn or Living end?

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I used to think this pic was Horus for the longest time.

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A coffee grinder.
But it turns out he didn't like coffee one bit.
So now it sits there, unused.
But he spent money on the thing, so it stays in his bags dammit.

In another campaign two of my players once decided to stuff some comfy armchairs in their bags of holding. I think they stole them from some bad guy's personal chambers.
Now, whenever they have to sit down they pull those out.
Kinda makes the serious conversation with the BBEG lose a bit of its' tension, that.

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>Winged Knight
So is it a mix of the two..?
I just played a bit of the third game

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